Aug 31, 2017

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Panasonic "Annual Report 2017" and CSR/Environmental Report Published

Osaka, Japan - On August 30, 2017, Panasonic Corporation published the "Annual Report 2017" (a financial and ESG report for the period ended March 2017) as well as an annual report on our social/environmental efforts and activities. They are available for downloading from the websites below:

Annual Report 2017

Panasonic's Annual Report is published primarily for investors. It provides information on business strategies, financial conditions, ESG (environment, society, and governance), and more to help investors make investment decisions.

Key points

  1. Special features to provide a more thorough understanding of the new Panasonic:

    These special features at the beginning of the Report include an article on the Automotive business, which is driving Panasonic's growth amid the rapid advance of digitization/electrification, and a dialogue between the President and an Outside Director on global management and governance.

  2. Messages from management have been enriched:

    In addition to the interview with the President, this Report includes a message from the CFO and an interview with the CEO of the newly established Connected Solutions Company. Panasonic aims to more effectively convey the thoughts of management by sharing such interviews and messages in a lively, personal manner.

CSR/Environmental Annual Report

Panasonic's Sustainability Website provides reports on our social/environmental efforts and specific activities we are engaged in. We have also gathered reports on topics of particular interest to stakeholders in "Sustainability Data Book 2017," a PDF booklet available on our website. .

Key points

  1. Reports on management structures including CSR/environmental policies and promotion systems, activities, and results

  2. Social:

    In addition to reports on human rights/labor, health & safety, ethics, supply chain management, and social efforts we engage in through our products & services, we also provide content-rich reports on human resources development and diversity.

  3. Environment:

    With regard to the environment, we report on Panasonic Environment Vision 2050 that guides the Panasonic Group to practice environmentally sustainable management toward 2050, and environmental action plan, "Green Plan 2018."

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