Jun 09, 2017

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Panasonic Sponsors the IOC's "Young Change-Makers+ Program"

Osaka, Japan - On June 9, 2017, Panasonic Corporation, a TOP (*1) sponsor of the Olympic Games, signed a new partnership agreement with the International Olympic Committee ("IOC") for the "Young Change-Makers+ ("YCM+") Program."

The YCM+ Program is an initiative that engages and supports young leaders between the ages of 20 and 30 who have been previously active at one of the Youth Olympic Games editions and who volunteer their time and passion to leverage the power of sport for a better world. These young leaders, including former athletes, students, young sports professionals, and National Olympic Committee staff, take part in engagement activities including the themes of Health & Active Living, Inclusion, Sustainability, and Peace & Development. The YCM+ Program is one of the important activities listed in IOC's mid to long-term strategic roadmap, "Agenda 2020 (*2)" adopted by the 127th IOC Session (in Monaco, December 2014). Of the 13 TOP sponsors, Panasonic is the only partner to provide additional support to the YCM+ Program. With this new partnership, Panasonic will work even more closely with the IOC to spearhead programs that are beneficial to both parties in supporting the next generation of young leaders in sport and beyond.

On May 22, 2017, Panasonic organized the first joint event between the YCM+ Program and the KWN Program (*3) in Prague, Czech Republic. Lucie Tuzova, a Young Change Maker from the Czech Republic, organized a workshop that inspires young people to live their dream and which provided tips and advice from Youth Olympians, Olympians and a sport psychologist. The students participating in the KWN Program had the chance to film this event as well as the Czech women's youth ice hockey team, who won the silver medal at the Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympic Games. Using Panasonic's technology, the KWN students shot high-speed slow motion footage, interviewed the young athletes, and created a moving, passionate video that communicates how sports can help make young people's dreams come true.

Panasonic has been an Official Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Games since Calgary 1988, and is also offering an Olympic and Paralympic-themed education program (*4) and the KWN program. Panasonic will remain committed to the education of the future generation through the YCM+ Program, which is currently being piloted in 16 countries around the world. To build a legacy for the youth, Panasonic, which has supported the Olympic Games as a TOP sponsor for over 25 years, will reinforce its efforts to provide education for future generations around the world, engages in implementing projects with a view of proactively supporting the IOC mission to build a better world through sport.

*1 TOP: Abbreviation for "The Olympic Partner", the highest tier sponsorship of the Olympic Games.
*2 Agenda 2020: Adopted by the 127th IOC Session (Monaco, December 2014). Details 40 recommendations, some of which address communication with the youth and engagement with communities.
*3 KWN (Kid Witness News): Panasonic Corporation's unique program that educates children through video production. Creating videos together and having experiences at the global contest help nurture children's creativity, support awareness for their community, the world, and it social issues, as well as foster teamwork, ultimately expanding their potential.
*4 Olympic, Paralympic-themed education program: Panasonic provides an Olympic, Paralympic-themed education program free-of-charge to junior high and high schools.

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KWN members shot and interviewed the Czech women's ice youth hockey team

  • Panasonic's Olympic and Paralympic Games themed education program

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