Mar 02, 2017

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Freedom Beyond the Frame at ISE 2017

Amsterdam, Netherlands - Panasonic (Visual Solutions Europe) presented the latest in audiovisual solutions at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2017, held February 7 - 10, 2017, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. ISE is the largest AV systems integration show in the world with more than 65,000 visitors over four days, and it was a perfect place for Panasonic to present its projectors, broadcasting, digital signage, and LinkRay Light ID Solutions for the future of retail and live events.

Hartmut Kulessa, European Projector Marketing Manager at Panasonic, said, "Our annual showcase is fast becoming a tradition at ISE and this year we will create a live event display, which uses the latest AV techniques and is sure to stop people in their tracks. Our relentless innovation in laser technology means we now have a roster of projection products that perfectly position us for the live events market."

Panasonic's technology supports greater audiovisual artistic freedom as it travels beyond the frame of more traditional projection or broadcasting. At ISE, the company unveiled more ways to make anything possible.

Exhibition Highlights

2017 Showstopper : Real Time Mapped Content

Panasonic demonstrated its live events capability with a show combining laser projection technology, 3D mapping, and performers interacting with moving projection courtesy of the newly launched PT-RZ31K, a 31,000 lumens laser projector developed for the live market. Panasonic booth's duel-level Main Stage demonstrated how short-throw projection can eliminate performer shadows interfering with the display, whilst flying drones put on an exciting and dynamic spectacle of light and imagery.

2017 Panasonic Showstopper

The showstopper this year was made possible with the collaborations of Painting with Light, Airstage, d3 Technologies, Blacktrax, and Panasonic projector technologies.

  • Painting with Light & Airstage

  • d3 Technologies & Blacktrax


Panasonic debuted the PT-RZ21K, a 3-Chip DLP(TM) SOLID SHINE laser series aimed at the rental, events and large venue market . The new PT-RZ21K 20,000 lumens projector is a companion for the PT-DZ21K, Europe's best selling high-brightness projector, and it is set to be the new reference projector in the rental industry.

Introducing the PT-RZ21K

Live Events & Robotic Camera Technology

The Panasonic booth showcased our broadcasting solutions by featuring a live production control room complete with 2ME live switcher. The highlight was the AK-UB300 - 4K Multi Purpose Camera in its display with robotic camera technology developed with AREPLUS Robotics (AR+).
Featuring 4K studio and multi-purpose cameras as well as all-in-one (integrated) remote cameras, you can achieve 4K images, maximize flexibility and handle a wide range of needs for any live event, from sports to staging or remote studio.

Robotic Camera Technology as Part of Live Events

Interactive Retail

To stand out from your competitors and stay in the mind of your customers, Panasonic presented the next generation of signage technology at ISE. Create crowd-stopping window displays in even the tightest of spaces with Panasonic's laser projection and exchangeable ultra-short throw lens. With low maintenance and high brightness, it gives you the freedom and capability to tailor your displays depending on factors such as audience or time of day.

The Future of Interactive Retail


LinkRay uses LED light to transmit content to mobile devices, turning digital signage displays, signboards and light sources in to 1-2-1 marketing tools for smartphones. Users can receive data sent from LinkRay transmitters by using their smartphone's camera. Information can be downloaded and displayed in the user's native language, augmenting visitor experiences in spaces such as museums and galleries, as well as in retail environments.

LinkRay Technology

OpenPort Digital Signage

Winning for Technology for Digital Signage at the InAVation Awards, the OpenPort PLATFORM(TM)(*) operating system allows for extensive display customization in a wide variety of applications and have an Android(TM)-based platform powered by a high-performance SoC (System on a Chip) featuring a 1 GHz quad-core CPU, 1 GB of memory, and 8 GB internal storage.

OpenPort Digital Signage System

Interactive Corporate Spaces

Enhance collaboration and interactivity in your meetings with our dual interactive whiteboard. The enhanced video conferencing feature and simple operation make this solution a must-have for every meeting room. Also, connect and share data securely without risk with the secure AV streaming application through LAN structure.

Interactive Corporate Spaces

Lecture Capture 2.0

Capture, view and share your lectures around the world - with one solution. Utilizing an autotracking camera that automatically follows the presenter around the classroom, recording and sharing a lecture has never been easier. You can also connect multiple sources (such as document cameras) to a high-quality auditorium projector in 4k, presenting your audience with incredible detail.

Facial Recognition and 4K Lecture Capture Technology

Panasonic Service

Finally at ISE, Panasonic's service team was on hand to talk with customers about offered solutions and to answer any questions about Panasonic's product support. In addition to the maintenance and monitoring system, Panasonic CARES, Panasonic's team prides itself on a direct call center that offers multi-lingual support and central repair for all of Europe.

Resolving Problems - First Class Panasonic Service

*OpenPort PLATFORM(TM) is a registered trademark of Panasonic Corporation.

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