Nov 17, 2016

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Panasonic Launches the HC-PV100 Professional Camcorder in Pakistan


Lahore, Pakistan - November 1, 2016 - Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa FZE (PMMAF) launched its new professional camcorder (HC-PV100) in Lahore, Pakistan on November 1, 2016. PMMAF has started the sales of Imaging products in Pakistan where demand is increasing at production houses for shooting wedding ceremonies, events, etc.

HC-PV100 is an agile, handheld type camcorder suitable for matching this demand as it features low light condition shooting for dark wedding venues, night events and entertainment events.

Other camera models introduced at the event along with HC-PV100 were LUMIX FZ2500 and LUMIX G85.

As a part of the growth strategy in the Middle East, Panasonic is eyeing Pakistan as a key focus market and will be strengthening the Imaging business by identifying the demands of the market and offering the right products and solutions to its patrons.

Commenting at the launch Mr. Shinichi Wakita - Managing Director, PMMAF said, "Panasonic recognizes Pakistan's increased potential as a market for its AV products, it is a growing market for events such as vibrant and colorful weddings and conferences. The demand for AV products is steadily increasing in documentary filmmaking sector as well, resulting in the increased demand for technologies that can meet high-quality video production. We are aiming towards setting new trends and meeting the rising demand in the audiovisual sector in Pakistan with the launch of HC PV 100."

The product launch targeted media, dealers, production houses and students, therefore two separate events were organized on the same day for them. 90 media personnel from all across Pakistan attended the press conference and 290 dealers, production house patrons & students attended the convention in the evening. Both events gave the opportunity to all the guests to touch, try and get a detailed understanding of the great features that Panasonic's imaging products offer.

As a customer-oriented company, Panasonic plans to revamp Pakistan's consumer electronics sector, thereby leading the consumers towards 'a better life a better world'. By not just selling products but providing confidence and satisfaction to the customers, Panasonic aims to evolve as the market leader in the region.


Press photo with Mr.Shehzad CEO (Center)

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    The Press Conference for the launch of the HC-PV100 professional camcorder in Pakistan

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    PMMAF Mr.Wakita's speech

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Reproduce a Pakistani wedding ceremony shooting by PV100 and display into main screen

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