Nov 05, 2016

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Panasonic Solutions Make Perfect BUSINESSENSE at GITEX 2016

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - To succeed in business, it is important to be ahead of the curve. That is BUSINESSENSE. Panasonic understands the ever-changing dynamics of your business climate and continually stays abreast of the latest trends by providing cutting-edge products and solutions to help you achieve your business goals.

Panasonic took part in GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, October 16-20, 2016. With a focus on technologies and solutions that are geared toward businesses, Panasonic showcased solutions that will make your business future-ready, assure reduced costs, enhance operational capabilities, and improve engagement with customers.

Ranging from digital signage to communication tools, a large variety of cutting-edge technologies were on display, including exciting technologies such as ballooncam(TM), a drone combined with a large balloon, and LinkRay, a Light ID solution that utilizes LED light.

At GITEX, Panasonic brought technologies and solutions that offer new ways to deliver information, improve business, and to stay ahead of the curve.

Highlights of Panasonic at GITEX 2016

Innovative Solutions

Transparent Display

The Transparent Display delivers high quality signage that can switch between an innovative display and transparent mode. Have the best of both worlds by displaying high definition visuals to your audience and then switch to a transparent mode for a sense of freedom and openness. This display can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Transparent Screen

Transform an ordinary window into a visual showcase with the Transparent Screen. Perfect for the retail market, the screen utilizes our industry leading digital projection in a specially developed system that puts beautiful video images onto glass windows and doors on demand. It allows you to choose between transparency and showcasing stunning digital content.


The all new ballooncam(TM) is a full entertainment drone-shaped balloon with the ability to safely hover over certain areas while shooting aerial footage or while projecting live video and images on the balloon body. Fun and exciting, crowds will be amazed at the creations that will appear on the balloon as it hovers above areas or events.

  • Multiple Video Streaming System
    The Multiple Video Streaming System transforms conventional surveillance cameras, and several cameras can be viewed at once on multiple devices.

  • Window AR Projection
    The Transparent Passive Film allows you to project high quality bright images onto glass windows.

Visual Solutions

Video Wall Solution

Panasonic introduces a cutting-edge digital signage made with 1.8mm ultra slim bezel edge LED video wall. The new VF1H Video wall provides highly seamless image quality with simplified operation for signage and information displays and enterprise applications.

LinkRay Light ID Solutions

Panasonic has developed the most advanced content delivery service to date, using visible light communication. LinkRay (Light ID technology) delivers mobile content by enabling ordinary smartphones to read IDs sent from LED transmitters such as displays, signboards and spotlights and connect to associated mobile content.

  • AF1 Series with OpenPort Platform
    Introducing the all-new AF1 Series Digital Signage, the industry's most adaptable, flexible, and versatile signage display solution.

  • Space Player
    The new PT-JX200 Space Player is an integrated lighting and projection system with 2,000 lm brightness. Turn heads with eye-catching backdrops with this brilliant hybrid spotlight and projector.

Communication Solutions


Toughbook celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2016, and the latest products were showcased at GITEX Technology Week. The world's first fully detachable rugged laptop, Toughbook CF-20 delivers a new level of unrivalled versatility for mobile business computing.


The Panasonic HD Visual Communications System is a new visual communication tool that enables quick decision making and important information sharing over long distances essential for today's business operations. High image quality, high sound quality, and a stable connection have been achieved both with intranets and the Internet, enabling easy, comfortable communication between remote locations.

Video Intercom Systems

The Panasonic Wireless Video Intercom System watches over the safety of your entire house. The wireless feature has many benefits for easy View & Talk making very easy to operate with the flexibility to move freely around the house. The door phone features a wide-angle camera lens that covers approximately 170 degrees horizontally with minimal distortion.

  • Scanners
    Highlighting our highly reliable, fast and efficient scanners at GITEX.

  • PBX Solutions
    Panasonic PBX solutions deliver the next generation of business communication systems for both large and offices.

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