Oct 13, 2016

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Panasonic Showcasing 10 Themes and Has Published 7 Articles at ITS World Congress Melbourne 2016

Melbourne, Australia - The ITS World Congress 2016 kicked off on October 10, 2016, in Melbourne, Australia. Panasonic has published 7 articles and exhibited products and technologies under 10 themes to actively call attention to Panasonic's prowess in a wide range of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) from onboard solutions to infrastructure systems. Panasonic's showcase features ideas for ITS that society will need in the future developed from the perspective of "urban development."

The ITS World Congress is one of the world's largest conferences that brings together ITS industries, academic communities, as well as national and local governments. The congress provides a platform for discussion and information exchange on technological development, government policies, market trends, etc. to help derive solutions for transportation issues countries around the world are facing and to generate business opportunities. This year's ITS World Congress is about "Enhancing Livable Cities and Communities," and it expects to welcome 7,000 participants from 300 companies and organizations across 60 countries during the 5 days of the exhibition.

As Panasonic has strengths in both onboard devices and transportation infrastructure, we can propose next generation ITS unique to Panasonic brought to life by cutting-edge ITS technologies and solutions to automobile manufacturers and various ministries. Panasonic will also strengthen its relationship with various parties and uncover new business opportunities.

Exhibition - 10 themes

  1. Panasonic Future ITS
  2. V2P & 79GHz Radar
  3. V2X System
  4. Smart Wheelchair
  5. "CityNOW", Smart City project in Denver
  6. Fleet Management System
  7. Multi-Object Detection Technology
  8. Sensor Cleaning System
  9. Security ECU
  10. 60GHz Communication Technology

Articles published - 7 themes

  1. Vehicle operation management assistance using ETC2.0 onboard devices
  2. Security systems for connected vehicles
  3. Radio propagation analysis for vehicles using 79GHz infra radar
  4. Pedestrian detection using 79GHz infra radar
  5. Supplementing location information with probe data and the use of traffic signal information
  6. Traffic signal control for reducing vehicle detection devices
  7. Pedestrian detection using deep learning

Overview of ITS World Congress 2016

Date: October 10 - 14, 2016
Venue: The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), Melbourne, Australia
Official Website: http://www.itsworldcongress2016.com

  • Concept Movie

  • Flash Report: Panasonic at ITS World Congress 2016

  • 283px

    Panasonic Booth at ITSWC 2016

  • 283px

    79GHz Radar

  • 283px

    Warning drivers and pedestrians in dangerous situations

  • 283px

    V2X Communication System

  • 283px

    Multi-Object Detection Technology using Deep Learning

  • 283px

    ETC2.0 on-board devices (prototype)

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