Sep 18, 2016

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Hurtling around the Suzuka Circuit with Rechargeable "eneloop" at the Next Generation Energy Car Event, "2016 Ene-1 GP SUZUKA"

Suzuka, Japan - As an official partner, Panasonic Corporation Automotive & Industrial Systems Company helped sponsor the "2016 Ene-1 GP SUZUKA" (organized by: Mobilityland Corporation, Suzuka Circuit) held on August 7, 2016 (Sun) by providing rechargeable "eneloop" batteries and chargers. The event welcomed a wide range of participants, from junior high students to adults, as well as the most number of teams in the event's history of 119 teams. Each team used 40 AA "eneloop" batteries from Panasonic to power their vehicles and to compete* around the International Racing Course measuring 5.807km in length with a height difference of 40m. A workshop that taught elementary school students how to make handmade dry-cell batteries was also organized on the same day.

This video report features the event's "KV-40 Challenge."

Video description

Vehicle inspection facility
Each teams' fully recharged batteries were gathered at the vehicle inspection facility, waiting its turn to take the challenge. Teams are not allowed to recharge the batteries again before their race. Before the race, the batteries are mounted, and the vehicles are ready to take the challenge.

The challenge begins!
In the "KV-40 Challenge," the teams make 3 laps around the 5.807km track competing against the clock, and the rankings are determined depending on the total time and distance traveled. The images shot from the drivers' perspective, very low to the ground, is truly dramatic. Out of 90 teams, 37 completed the 3 laps, and some teams even reached a maximum speed of more than 100km/h.

"2016 Ene-1 GP SUZUKA" results

  • KV-40 Challenge

    All-around champion "Iida OIDE Osahime High School Engine Club"

    Total time: 17min 47ss 515

  • KV-BIKE Challenge

    All-around champion "Mitsu Bike"

    ONE LAP Time Attack: 4min 41s 511

    e-kiden 1-hour long distance: 9 laps

*About the Ene-1 GP:
Ene-1 GP is a next generation energy car event in which vehicles powered by 40 commercial rechargeable batteries compete. Categories include the "KV-40 Challenge" for handmade EVs, and the "KV-BIKE Challenge," featuring commercial, non-electric bicycles powered by batteries. Once the batteries are fully charged, teams cannot charge the batteries again; teams must overcome the ups and downs and tight curves of the course on a single charge. So efficient management and consumption of the batteries' energy is key to winning.

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    "2016 Ene-1 GP SUZUKA" KV-40 Challenge

  • 283px

    "2016 Ene-1 GP SUZUKA" - handmade battery workshop

  • 283px

    Panasonic AA "eneloop" battery

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    Suzuka Circuit, International Racing Course

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