Mar 28, 2016

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Panasonic's Annual Report Wins LACP's 2014/15 Vision Awards Annual Report Competition


Osaka, Japan - Each year, Panasonic Corporation creates an annual report for its shareholders and investors. And its "Annual Report 2015" (report for the year ended March 2015) has just won the No.1 ranking worldwide for the very first time at the 2014/15 Vision Awards Annual Report Competition hosted by the League of American Communication Professionals (LACP) (last year Panasonic ranked No.3). The LACP received countless entries from 24 countries around the world, but Panasonic came in first place with a high score of 99 out of 100. Panasonic also received the highest marks for Report Narrative, which evaluates the content and structure of the report.

Panasonic's Annual Report includes information about the company's business strategy, financial standing, and ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) essential for making investment decisions. In addition to the above, the "Annual Report 2015" also introduced Panasonic's mid to long-term vision as well as the business environment and more in-depth ESG information.

Information about financial results and about its commitment to materials distributed at the IR meetings are also available on Panasonic's IR site. Panasonic will continue to do its best to communicate information about the company in the most clear, straightforward manner.

*LACP (League of American Communication Professionals) is an American organization established in 2001 to facilitate discussion of best-in-class practices. And the Vision Awards is one of the largest annual report competitions in the world.

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    Certificate awarded by the LACP (for First Place)

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    Certificate awarded by the LACP (for the Best Report Narrative)

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    Panasonic's Annual Report was ranked No.1 in the "2014/2015 Vision Awards"

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