Feb 08, 2016

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Release of KW2M-X Eco-POWER METER - Expandable Power Meter to Monitor Real Time Power Data on Browser


Kasugai, Japan - In January 2016, Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX Co., Ltd. launched the Eco-POWER METER KW2M Series (Product name: KW2M-X), a power meter that has real time monitoring function on browser with multiple circuits. By making power consumption visible, the KW2M-X helps to identify and locate devices that are wasting power.

To save energy, it is crucial to measure, compare and monitor multiple points of power consumption. There are needs to measure multiple points and identify power consumption for energy saving activities, while increase in the requests to measure and monitor easily by reducing wiring labor and material costs. In addition, on the back of broadened Ethernet communication, there are needs of using exist LAN environment and checking data easily.

KW2M-X Eco-POWER METER has Web server functionality that supports you to monitor real time power data on browser. Furthermore, Logging function helps you to achieve "Visualization" easily with minimal man-hours. That contributes to identify power consumption, operating condition of equipment and reduce of hidden waste.

Features of the Eco-POWER METER KW2M Series (Product name: KW2M-X)

  1. Easy to start power monitoring by logging function
    KW2M-X has logging function internally, you can start power monitoring without preparing SD memory card or data logger etc. KW2M-X saves measurement data as CSV files. Then, power consumption can be visualized easily on "KW Watcher" free software for visualization by connecting power meter and PC through Ethernet.
  2. Real time power data monitoring on browser
    KW2M-X has Web server function; you can see real time power data on browser. Thus, you can monitor the real time data remotely such as current operation condition of equipment and power data like demand. That helps you to reduce the time for monitoring by checking the latest power usage condition without going at site.
  3. Easily to make design Web content for monitoring
    The information in the KW2M-X internal Web server can be monitored on browser by uploading screens (content) that are setup as desired by the user. You can creatively design contents by arranging Web components choosing from parts library.


Monitoring power consumption and power quality, identifying locations of hidden waste by visualization
[In factories, office buildings, stores, etc.]

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Southeast Asia, Europe, America, China

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