Nov 27, 2015

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Panasonic Proposed Advanced Factory Solutions at "productronica 2015"


Munich, Germany - Panasonic Factory Solutions Company (PFSC), showcased its latest industrial equipment solutions at "productronica 2015" organized in Munich, Germany for 4 days from November 10 (Tue) to 13 (Fri), 2015.

"productronica" is one of the largest exhibitions on the latest electronics technology in Europe. It has been organized biannually since 1975, and this year marks its 21st edition. Panasonic introduced its comprehensive solutions for factory automation and for improving productivity under the theme, "Smart Factory & Industry 4.0," in the largest booth at the exhibition, in the largest booth Panasonic has ever had at productronica.

Key solutions at "productronica 2015"

[SMT area]
  • Production modular NPM-W2
  • Placement machine AM100
  • Screen printer SPV, SPG
  • 3 automation units and enterprise edition software PanaCIM
  • (Prototype) NPM-DX, NPM-VF, auto load feeder
[Microelectronics Equipment area]
  • Flip chip bonder MD-P300

On November 10 (Tue), the first day of the exhibition, PFSC President Hiroyuki Aota, and Senior Vice President Spatz of Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Company Europe (PAISEU) took part in the Panasonic booth's opening ceremony.

Many customers in the European market are involved in the manufacturing of electric equipment for cars, industrial fields, and electronics manufacturing service (EMS), so many visitors were interested in the "production modular NPM-W2." Moreover, the prototype "NPM-VF" and "auto load feeder" also drew attention.

The Panasonic booth welcomed more visitors than the previous exhibition in 2013 and introduced a wide range of solutions. Panasonic will continue to meet the needs of its customers in Europe and propose optimal solutions.

  • 01_productronica_2015.jpg

    The Panasonic booth at "productronica 2015"

  • 02_productronica_2015.jpg

    A demonstration of the production modular NPM-W2, which drew great attention

  • 03_productronica_2015.jpg

    Panasonic's production modular NPM-W2

  • 04_productronica_2015.jpg

    Panasonic's placement machine AM100

  • 05_productronica_2015.jpg

    Panasonic's screen printer SPV

  • 06_productronica_2015.jpg

    Panasonic's flip chip bonder MD-P300

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