Oct 17, 2015

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Panasonic Cooks Up an Exciting and Aspiring Engagement for the First Time in MasterChef Asia

Singapore, Singapore - In the first-ever MasterChef Asia, Panasonic takes on as the Associate Sponsor of this pan-regional Asian version of the global hit reality cooking series. Premiering on Lifetime, MasterChef Asia brings together 15 amateur cooks hailing from all over Asia who will showcase their diverse culinary abilities and skills.

The sponsorship mainly comprises of Appliances and Panasonic-grown Vegetables (Veggie Life). The range of appliances varies from rice cookers, convection steam ovens, juicers, bread makers, hand-held blenders and food processors. And our fresh premium crops include micro-greens, lettuce, mizuna, radish, baby spinach, rainbow chard, rocket lettuce and oba.

In the melting pot of excitement, there are two specially crafted Panasonic-branded challenges in Episode 6 where our appliances have to be used by all contestants and Episode 15 where our vegetables would be in the limelight.

The program also sees amazing interactions with three acclaimed judges, namely, Hong Kong-born culinary genius Susur Lee; 3-Michelin starred chef Bruno Ménard; and Singapore-born Audra Morrice, a MasterChef Australia finalist.

MasterChef Asia premieres every Thursday at 9pm (SIN/HK), only on Lifetime.

Check out the trailers and photos!

  • Kick Start Your Day - Panasonic Proud Sponsor of MasterChef Asia

  • 01_masterchef_2015.jpg

    Panasonic mystery-fridge challenge in episode 6 of MasterChef Asia

  • 02_masterchef_2015.jpg

    MasterChef Asia Episode 6 Proudly Sponsored by Panasonic

  • 03_masterchef_2015.jpg

    Panasonic mystery-fridge challenge in episode 6 of MasterChef Asia

  • 04_masterchef_2015.jpg

    Contestant choosing Panasonic's food processor in episode 6 of MasterChef Asia

  • 05_masterchef_2015.jpg

    MasterChef Asia Episode 6 Special Guest Mr. Dato Fazley - Introducing Panasonic's Appliances

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