Oct 15, 2015

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Panasonic Consumer Electronics, Devices and Technics Turned Heads at CEATEC 2015

CEATEC 2015 Panasonic Booth Highlights

CEATEC 2015 Technics Booth Highlights

Tokyo, Japan - Panasonic exhibited its latest products and technologies at CEATEC 2015, the Cutting-Edge IT & Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture for 4 days (from October 7th (Wednesday) to 10th (Saturday), 2015). At the "Lifestyle & Society Stage" for consumer electronics and home appliances, Panasonic presented its vision of "A Better Life, A Better World" by proposing lifestyles realized by the combination of its "Premium Home Appliances" and "Living Space" that enhance the quality of life and fill our daily lives with dreams. At the "Key Technologies Stage," Panasonic proposed solutions for device products that address the problems that companies face in 4 zones: "HMI (Human Machine Interface) Solutions," "Downsizing Solutions," "Network Solutions," and "Power Management Solutions" under the theme of "Paving the future together, as your best partner."

Main Exhibits in the Panasonic "Lifestyle & Society Stage" Booth

Better Living Tomorrow

Panasonic introduced its vision of a lifestyle realizable in the next five years, proposing four living environments - the kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom - where home interiors and consumer electronics blend in harmony.


The kitchen encourages nutrient rich, healthy eating habits, like having your very own professional chef and nutritionist in your home, with Panasonic's advanced kitchen appliances and cloud services that make preparing nutritionally-balanced gourmet dishes as simple as a piece of cake.

  • Built-in Kitchen
    In addition to Panasonic's free-style induction hobs and cordless kitchen appliances, its new ideas include a built-in food maturing stocker for fermenting and maturing food.
  • Cloud Services
    Centering around the Personal Kitchen Screen, demonstrations here introduced how connected home appliances can enrich your eating lifestyle with cloud-based services, such as recommending recipes that match the family's eating habits.


Here a family is able to enjoy a pleasant time together, full of conversation in a stimulating environment aided by an unobtrusively-designed screen, video and lighting effects and information updates.

  • Transparent Screen
    The transparent screen is an interactive window that functions as a windowpane when not displaying images.
  • Smart Downlight
    This novel downlight is similar to a projector and will both light up the table and project images.


In the living room, Panasonic's audio-visual equipment blends in as part of the interior decor and creates a relaxing atmosphere, whether you are alone or with others.

  • Ambient Display
    The smart display automatically changes to the optimum size depending on the information displayed on it.
  • Rug Speakers
    These speakers are integrated into the carpet. In addition to providing maximum 6.1-channel surround sound perfect for watching movies, they offer control over the reach of sound. The sound can be directed to people who want to listen to it or away from those in the room who may be conversing or reading.


With built-in equipment and services fused with the bedroom environment, the room contributes to the healthy lifestyle of an individual with health and beauty information similar to that given by a professional advisor but in the comfort of your own home.

  • Interactive Mirror
    This mirror with built-in face-recognition technology can recognize the physical condition of the person who sits in front of it. The mirror even gives advice about what makeup to wear to match the day's occasion.
  • Your Sleep Manager
    To help give you a good night's sleep, Panasonic's advanced technologies are integrated together, such as sensors, images, air conditioning and sound systems, as well as circadian lighting systems based on human biorhythms that change according to the movement of the sun.

Initiatives that Help Create a Hydrogen Society

  • Pure Hydrogen-type Fuel Cell
    This corner introduced Panasonic's "Pure Hydrogen Type Ene Farm," a fuel cell cogeneration system that can generate energy directly from hydrogen. Panasonic aims to realize this technology in the future, while promoting the diffusion of "Ene Farm" household fuel-cell generation system.
  • Photohydrogen Production Technology
    This technology makes it possible to produce hydrogen from sunlight and water, helping to achieve a hydrogen-based society free of carbon dioxide. Progress Panasonic has made in the research of this technology is shown.


Under the concept of "Transforming Thoughtfulness and Aesthetic Sense of Nippon into Shape," Panasonic presented a line-up of its unique products developed with Japanese wisdom and technology.

  • X-series Air-conditioners
    Equipped with the world's first "heat and cold sensor," these air conditioners are designed to enhance comfort for each individual user by detecting whether he/she is feeling hot or cold.
  • Top Unit Refrigerator NR-JD5100V
    This refrigerator has been designed to make it easier for you to take food out of the compartments by arranging the compartments to best suit the height of Japanese women.
  • Top-loading Washing Machine NA-JFA801
    This washing machine has a washing tub that is 5 cm shallower than conventional models and a sloping top - the front is 2 cm lower than the back - for easy unloading.
  • Steam Microwave Grill NE-JBS652
    This is a 26-liter size microwave oven equipped with basic features such as the auto cook menu for "50 selected Japanese dishes."
  • Variable Pressure IH Rice Cooker SR-JX055
    This half liter, compact rice cooker is suitable for a couple, with a smooth exterior finish achieved by using the "deep drawing" sheet metal forming process.
  • Paper Dust Bag Vacuum Cleaner MC-JP510G
    The world's lightest vacuum cleaner, weighing 2.0 kg (main unit only), is easy to maneuver around. Its beautiful twill-weave designed shell offers a high-quality look.


From viewing, storing and filming, Panasonic presented a premium lifestyle through its 4K technologies. Panasonic's cutting-edge 4K technologies and prototype models were on display.

4K Technology

  • Next Generation High Brightness TV with HDR Capability (Prototype)
    With this TV, visitors could experience close-to-human-vision, next-generation video reproduced faithfully from the high-dynamic-range (HDR) original video source with high brightness and high contrast.
  • Advanced features of Viera
    In this corner, visitors found the "Dynamic Sound System Pro," the large volume and high sound quality speakers, and easy operation such as "Direct Voice Control" and smart phone viewing.

4K Video Experience

  • DIGA Premium Model DMR-UBZ1 (to be launched on November 13 in Japan)
    The world's first Blu-ray Disc recorder enabling the playback of "Ultra HD Blu-ray," the next-generation standard, was on display. It demonstrated the high resolution, brightness and rich colors of HDR video.
  • Viera 4K Streaming Distribution
    In this corner, visitors watched 4K content provided through various services, including Actvila 4K, YouTube, NETFLIX and Hikari TV.
  • Beautiful JAPAN 2020
    Beautiful Japan 2020 is a project realized in collaboration with young athletes aspiring to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games that focuses on the importance of taking on challenges and pursuing one's dreams. It also enabled viewers to rediscover the beauty of Japan by visiting all 47 prefectures in Japan by 2020. Amazing sites across Japan were introduced in Panasonic's spectacular 4K image quality.
  • Advanced function of LUMIX
    In this corner, visitors experienced "Dual I.S.," the world's first 6-control handshake correction system that enables photo shooing in dark environments, and "Focus Select" that lets you change the focus point even after taking pictures.

4K Imaging

  • 4K Cinema
    Visitors experienced cinema-quality, stunning 4K video shot with the Panasonic LUMIX GH4, thanks to its V-Log L software that offers dynamic range for color grading to bring to life a smoother motion picture.
  • 4K PHOTO
    4K PHOTO function lets you capture crucial moments by shooting 30 photographs per second. In this corner, visitors were able to try out three new modes of 4K PHOTO.
  • HC-WX970M & HX-A1H
    Panasonic introduced a "wireless twin camera" solution that wirelessly connects its A1H wearable camera and WX970M 4K video camera. Video taken with the A1H appeared on the sub-screen of the WX970M.


On the 50th anniversary of the Technics brand, and with the next 50 years in sight, Panasonic is further expanding the Technics product line-up. Visitors experienced here the great sound and excitement the brand delivers. Products on exhibit included the recently announced Technics Premium-Class stereo system SC-C500, as well as headphones and prototypes including the Technics turntable.

  • Turntable (Prototype)
    This is an analog turntable prototype equipped with a newly developed direct drive motor. The new direct drive motor and redesigned high-precision motor control technology realize smooth, highly-stable rotation, thus making it possible to reproduce the warm sound and subtle nuances of musical expression engraved in the analog record grooves.
  • Premium-class SC-C500 (to be released in Japan on January 22)
    This all-in-one premium audio offers a new listening style, with genuine Hi-Fi sound and a compact, stylish design. It uses a unique speaker system - with tweeters and horns realizing wide directivity - to fill the entire space with music.
  • EAH-T700 Premium Stereo Headphones (to be released in Japan on January 22)
    These headphones deliver the ultimate sound experience, with a wide band two-way drive (50 mm dynamic driver and 14 mm super tweeter) to faithfully reproduce the sound of each instrument.
  • Listening Room
    Visitors were able to experience the premium audio system SC-C500 before it hits the market in January, as well as listening to the already available Reference Class R1 Series and Premium Class C700 Series. (Listening room fit up to 12 people.)


  • Communication Display (Prototype)
    This communication display with a built-in battery can be used as a portable TV and an interactive monitor of security camera via home network system.

Main Exhibits in the Panasonic "Key Technologies Stage" Booth

HMI (Human Machine Interface) Solutions

Contributing to the creation of an interface that responds to a variety of operations that is easy-to-use, comfortable, and offers peace of mind.

  • Capacitive touch panel module with HAPTIC ROTARY/PUSH ENCODER (prototype)
  • Force sensing switch (capacitance characteristics detection technology) (under development)

Downsizing Solutions

Contributing to the miniaturization of entire devices with technologies that realize light weight and compact size.

  • Panasonic 3D-MID technology
  • Pin-type Lithium-ion battery
  • PhotoMOS (CC type)
  • Light touch switch

Network Solutions

Contributing to high-precision transmission with actuators, contact-less technology, and optical transmission technology.

  • 3-axial actuator based device (Camera stabilizer) (prototype)
  • Contactless power & data transceiver module (prototype)
  • Active optical connector
  • Optical link

Power Management Solutions

Contributing to power control with high capacity interruption technology and package technology.

  • High voltage and current AC/DC Relays for energy management applications
  • Power module (prototype)

Panasonic Booths at CEATEC JAPAN 2015

Period: October 7 (Wed) - 10 (Sat), 2015 10:00 - 17:00
Venue: Makuhari Messe, Nakase 2-1, Mihama Ward, Chiba City

  • Panasonic Key Technology Stage Booth: Hall 6, 6K124
  • Panasonic Lifestyle & Society Stage Booth: Hall 1, 1L12
  • Technics Lifestyle & Society Stage Booth: Hall 2, 2L37
  • 01_ceatec_2015.jpg

    Better Living Tomorrow - Lifestyles born from living spaces that fuse room interiors with home appliances.

  • 02_ceatec_2015.jpg

    Next Generation High Brightness TV with HDR Capability

  • 03_ceatec_2015.jpg

    Ultra HD Blu-ray, DMR-UBZ1, the next-generation standard

  • 04_ceatec_2015.jpg

    The DMR-UBZ1 won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry's CEATEC AWARD 2015.

  • 05_ceatec_2015.jpg

    J-Concept developed with Japanese wisdom and technology

  • 06_ceatec_2015.jpg

    The Panasonic booth for device products at "Key Technologies Stage"

  • 07_ceatec_2015.jpg

    Capacitive Touch Panel Module with HAPTIC ROTARY/PUSH ENCODER

  • 08_ceatec_2015.jpg

    Active Optical Connector achieves high-speed signal transmission inside devices.

  • 09_ceatec_2015.png

    Technics Premium-Class stereo system SC-C500

  • 10_ceatec_2015.png

    Technics Analog Turntable (prototype)

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