Aug 06, 2015

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Launch of the Eco-POWER METER KW2M Series - Energy savings and electric power quality monitoring of multiple circuits


Kasugai, Japan - In July 2015, Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX Co., Ltd. launched the Eco-POWER METER KW2M Series (Series name: KW2M-A), a power meter for measuring the power consumption and power quality of multiple circuits. By making power consumption visible, the KW2M-A is able to identify and locate devices that are wasting power. It helps to monitor and reduce power consumption.

To save energy, it is crucial to measure, compare and monitor multiple points of power consumption. There are many situations that have multiple points to measure power consumption in a distribution panel. More points for measuring electric power means more wiring, which results in higher labor and material costs to build a power monitoring system. Additional labor and material costs are also required for routing new communication cables.

More often than not, power quality and power consumption must be measured because the power quality may not be stable (e.g., power failures, unstable voltage, etc.).

The KW2M-A is a power meter that can be expanded to monitor multiple circuits. It can support up to three expansion units to handle the required number of circuits, thereby achieving "visualization" of power and power quality while saving both wiring and space. As for communication, it expands the range of choices for building systems because Ethernet communication is available in addition to RS485 communication. The KW2M-A helps to identify hidden waste, thereby reducing power consumption, and contribute to preventative maintenance of equipment by easily achieving "Visualization" with minimal man-hours.

Features of the Eco POWER METER KW2M Series (Series name: KW2M-A)

  1. Saving energy and monitoring electric power quality
    The KW2M-A measures power quality factors, such as harmonics, voltage, current unbalance, etc., supporting not only energy savings but also monitoring electric power quality. The collected data can be used to detect abnormal electrical incidents for equipment which can then be used for preventative maintenance.
  2. Saving wiring and space
    One unit can measure two circuits. Up to three expansion units (for up to eight circuits, three-phase four-wire) can be connected to handle the required number of circuits. When measuring eight circuits, the number of wires is reduced by about 50% (*1) and space is reduced about 60% (*1), when compared with conventional Panasonic products (*2).
  3. Ethernet communication, Web server functionality
    The KW2M-A also offers Web server functionality, eliminating the need for dedicated software tools. Operational settings for devices and firmware upgrades for the main unit can also be performed via the Ethernet port.

*1: Compared with conventional Panasonic products (KW9M Series; Series name: KW9M Advanced Type) and KW2M-A, measuring eight circuits, width of unit
*2: Compared with conventional Panasonic products (KW9M Series; Series name: KW9M Advanced Type)


Monitoring power consumption and power quality, identifying locations of hidden waste by visualization [In factories, office buildings, stores, etc.]

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