Jun 12, 2015

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Panasonic Marks 40 Years in Solar with Introduction of Battery Storage Technology at Intersolar Europe 2015


Munich, Germany - On 11th June, Panasonic is showcasing its innovative solar products at Intersolar Europe from 10th to 12th June, the world's leading solar exhibition in Munich, Germany. Amongst the wide array of solar solutions on display, Panasonic will be introducing it's new battery storage solution specifically designed for the European market and celebrating the milestone of reaching 40 years of manufacturing solar technology.

Energy storage solution

The LJ-SK84A is Panasonic's newest product for the solar market. The lithium-ion storage solution has been designed precisely for the European market, and is the outstanding compliment to existing and new solar systems on residential buildings. By making use of intermediate storage the user can increase their self-sufficiency using the solar power they have themselves produced and so reduce their energy costs and maximize the profitability of their solar system.

The AC-coupled, single-phase system contains long-established, high-performance lithium-ion batteries from Panasonic and has a usable storage capacity of 6.8 kWh.

The product features a innovative compact design, meaning it can be readily installed in small spaces and has an emergency power function ensuring users are protected from power outages on the public grid or network.

Solar Module HIT(R) Line

Panasonic's highly successful HIT(R) photovoltaic modules N240 and N245 will be showcased throughout the week at Intersolar 2015. In addition, Panasonic are also continuing to introduce their newly launched N285 module to the European market.

The N285 solar module, which has nominal power of 285 watts, is tailored specifically for installations on residential and commercial buildings. One of the most important developments compared with the Panasonic N240 and N245 products, on which the N285 module is based, is the inclusion of highly efficient heterojunction cells in a more compact format.

The module features shortened dimensions of 1463 x 1053 mm making it particularly suitable for portrait roof installations, as there is room for more solar modules on a domestic roof.

Furthermore, the module incorporates four shading zones instead of three, significantly reducing the risk of performance losses resulting from module shading. Since being launched in March this year, the product has been very well received within Europe, particularly the UK market.

40 years of solar

This year marks the 40th year of Panasonic's solar cell development and manufacturing, following the integration of Sanyo's solar business in 2012. To mark the occasion, the company will be hosting a party on their booth in Munich on Thursday 11th June.

Sanyo began developing amorphous silicon solar cells as early as 1975 and introduced first silicon heterojunction photovoltaic module HIT(R) to the market on 1997. The unique technology combines the properties of crystalline and thin-film cells with the result of increasing solar efficiency and performance.

Through its solar technology, Panasonic most recently became the first solar manufacturer to achieve a world-record conversion efficiency of over 25 percent for practically sized cells and continues to aim for further high efficiencies and lower costs of its heterojunction technology for the global solar market.

Heat Pumps

Panasonic is also showcasing their growing heat pump products at Intersolar EU 2015. The Aquarea offering, featuring all in one high performance technology which allows reduced installation costs, new remote functions and enables easier maintenance has been of particularly interest at the show so far.

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    Panasonic booth at Intersolar Europe 2015

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    Energy storage solution

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    Solar Module HIT(R) Line

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    40 years of solar

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    Heat Pumps


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