Apr 03, 2015

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Panasonic Showcases Comprehensive 4K Professional AV Solutions at CABSAT 2015

Panasonic at CABSAT 2015

Dubai, UAE - Panasonic is a leading supplier of professional broadcast and video solutions. Panasonic's innovation in the sector is illustrated by the innovative products that have played a pivotal role within the broadcasting and production industries for many years.

Panasonic Broadcast and ProAV range offers some of the industry's best-performing products. The full suite of Panasonic's professional High Definition (HD) image recording and Broadcast products provide the complete solution for any recording studio or outside broadcast or any recording team.

As a manufacturer of high quality products catering to the global broadcast and communications industry, Panasonic had a formidable presence at CABSAT 2015 - the no 1 broadcast, satellite and digital media event, connecting live content opportunities.

Through the participation at CABSAT 2015, Panasonic leveraged the opportunity to showcase its broad range of products comprising of its comprehensive 4K professional AV solutions. The key highlight at the exhibition comprised of the launch of Panasonic's 4K Varicam(R) 35 and high speed Varicam HS.

Commenting on the announcement of the launch, Mr Hayashi Noriyuki, Senior Manager, System Solutions Department, Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa, said, "Inherited from the original Varicam, the Varicam 35 features a V-Log gamma to cover a wide latitude - an impressive 14 plus stops. What is more, is the ability to simultaneously record in two different formats and codecs together with its in-camera color grading function which enables to record 4K master and HD simultaneously and begin color grading on site as well. This will greatly help production companies to streamline their workflows."

The Varicam 35 incorporates a newly-developed super35mm image sensor and the images can be handled in variable frame rates up to 120 frames per second (fps). It will deliver a variety of recording formats, including 4K and UHD in AVC-ULTRA 4K, and 2K and 1080p HD in AVC-Intra 100.

Additionally, Panasonic launched two new cost- effective cameras with advanced features - the AW-HE40 and the AW-HE130.

The HE40 series comes in two versions and is ideal for demanding remote production and IMAG use. The HE130, on the other hand enables remote control and management of up to 16 cameras via Browser.

Panasonic also unveiled its cost effective multi-function switcher for production houses at CABSAT 2015. With production houses from region setting up their broadcast base in the UAE, there is a marked increase in demand for production equipment.

This new switcher consists of 32 HD-SDI plus two DVI-D inputs, 16 HD-SDI outputs, 16 keyers, four independent MultiViewers, expandable clip storage, a Web server and many other advanced features that will benefit producers.

And last but not the least, leading the line-up of advanced cameras was the AJ-PX800 memory card camera recorder which features network connectivity and provides superb picture quality, high mobility and excellent cost performance.

Commenting on the launch of this advanced camera, Mr Hayashi commented, "We have incorporated the latest technology in these recorders to make shooting, editing and the entire production process easy for producers and editors alike."

Panasonic's large range of industry leading static mounted, lightweight shoulder or hand-held portable professional cameras are suitable for everything from studio based broadcast and film recording, outdoor sports and news broadcast to natural history filming as well.

The Panasonic stand at CABSAT 2015 was well attended by professionals seeking information and updates on technology and products that were well showcased.

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    Panasonic Stand at CABSAT 2015

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    Mr Hayashi Noriyuki, Senior Manager,System Solutions Department, Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa

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  • panasonic_showcases_comprehensive_4k_professional_av_solutions_at_cabsat_2015.

    Panasonic's HE40 series of camera's being announced at CABSAT 2015

  • panasonic_showcases_comprehensive_4k_professional_av_solutions_at_cabsat_2015.

    Panasonic's HE40 series of camera's being announced at CABSAT 2015

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