Feb 24, 2015

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Panasonic's New Cold Chain Products - Proposing Comprehensive Store Solutions

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    Supermarket trade show 2015 Panasonic booth

Tokyo, Japan - Panasonic Corporation and Panasonic Eco Solutions Commercial Equipment Systems Co.,Ltd. participated in the "49th Supermarket Trade Show 2015" held from February 10 to 12, 2015 at Tokyo Big Sight. The entire line-up of new products and solutions for supermarkets and convenience stores, which were introduced on January 29, 2015, made their first public appearance.

  • Panasonic's new cold chain products@Supermarket Trade Show 2015

For nearly 50 years, Panasonic has developed a relationship of trust with customers that engage in food retail services and as a distributor of cold chain products, continued to contribute to the security and safety in the food retail business. In recent years, Panasonic has offered comprehensive retail solutions, rather than single products, with excellent connectivity and energy performance. Panasonic continues to offer very unique, eco-conscious solutions, aspiring to become the best partner for its customers.

New Cold Chain Product Highlights

CFC-free Freezer System
This product is equipped with technology that controls the delivery pressure of refrigerants, is lighter and more compact, and a model constructed with cost reduction in mind while having less construction constraints. With a high demand in the market, high pressure conveyance units (with the same pressure deliverance control as current models) for freezers and refrigerators are installed on 2 horsepower models recommended for small storefronts, have also been released.

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    CFC-free Freezer System

Condensing Unit Showcases for Supermarkets "EV Series"
A "New Temperature Control System," less vulnerable to atmosphere changes, keeps food at a level temperature. This enables food quality management by maintaining proper temperatures, and prevents the loss of energy by overcooling. This series, in part to the newly developed CO2 exclusive refrigerator, will expand the line-up from 272 models to 651 models. Furthermore, by equipping LED lighting, improving cooling efficiency and eco-conscious glass doors, the showcases are expected to save up to 30% of energy. 5 different types of LED lights, each suitable for different foods, are available for selection.

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    Condensing Unit Showcases for Supermarkets "EV Series"

Store Controller
The "Store Controller" can connect and centrally control a wide range of store equipment from showcases, freezers, air conditioning, to lighting. New products will regulate store equipment including CFC-free freezers, supporting the eco-consciousness of stores. In addition, by introducing a 7-inch color LCD touch panel, both the visibility and overall operability have improved. Moreover, connecting to Panasonic's cloud service will enable customers to remotely monitor and control the equipment.

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    Store Controller for Supermarkets and Convenience Stores New Model

Remote Data Service for Stores "S-cubo"
For stores in the food retail business, maintaining and managing food temperature and the wide range of equipment, cost reduction on electricity and gas, and prompt repair and restoration of equipment failures are some of the challenges for effective store operation. In facing these challenges, "Remote Data Service for Stores 'S-cubo'" provides functions necessary for store operation by connecting to Panasonic's cloud service through the internet and managing related data. "S-cubo" saves energy by making temperature and energy consumption visible. It also quickly notifies customers of temperature or equipment anomalies, and contributes to food safety and security. From store development to maintenance, repair, to renovation, with superior equipment management and information sharing, the S-cubo will help customers make effective use of their assets.

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    Remote Data Service for Stores "S-cubo"
  • 06_SMTS_2015.jpg
    Various Freezer/Refrigerator Showcases
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    Supermarket trade show 2015 Panasonic booth

Panasonic will not only offer customers refrigerator/freezer systems, but also comprehensive proposals that combine a wide range of Panasonic products and develop solutions together with customers. Furthermore, Panasonic would like to introduce solutions developed in Japan to people all around the world.

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