Feb 27, 2015

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Panasonic to Major Expansion of LED Light Fixtures for the Indonesian Market

Jakarta, Indonesia - PT. Panasonic Gobel Eco Solutions Sales Indonesia has greatly boosted its product lineup by sequentially releasing 49 models of housing LED light fixtures, including ceiling lights, and 9 models of non-housing LED light fixtures, including street lights, into the Indonesian market from March 1. Through these measures it aims at sales in Indonesia in the lighting business of 10 billion yen by FY2018, around four times that of FY2013.

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Indonesia, like the other Asian emerging countries, is undergoing urbanization accompanied by industrialization, with a rapid increase in energy consumption. The Indonesian government has introduced energy saving targets for both corporations and ordinary households as part of its energy policies, increasing interest in LED lighting.

  • 1_LED_indonesia.jpg
    LED Pendant Light

Its move this time will enhance its product lineup in housing LED lighting fixtures, focusing on the affordable price zone from high functionality to basic models. For the ceiling lights, attaching a single clear light guide panel at a position slightly raised from the ceiling realizes a light design. Light is diffused to not only directly below the light but also to the ceiling and walls, raising the sense of space inside the room. The designs for pendant lights are simple and compact, yet with brightness and color temperatures matching various needs. For the recessed lights, multiple shadows are solved by gathering the light sources in a single core, realizing crisp light. Bringing in extensive variations (brightness / color temperature) make the products suitable for a wide range of installation locations. Energy savings of 50% or more are achieved compared to fluorescent lights of the same brightness.

Developments for non-housing LED fixtures include street light fixtures. The street light fixture lineup incorporates low watt products at 25W or 40W, plus medium to high watt products at 90W, 120W or 200W. The low watt products are compact and lightweight for fixture sizes matching their brightness, while the high watt products last for approximately 50,000 hours with low maintenance.

Panasonic is using its cutting edge LED light technology refined in Japan to expand a lineup of fixtures incorporating design sense and energy savings, contributing to better lifestyles in Indonesia.

  • 3_LED_indonesia.jpg
    LED Ceiling Light
  • 4_LED_indonesia.jpg
    LED Ceiling Light
  • 6_LED_indonesia.jpg
    LED Street Light

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