Dec 08, 2014

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Panasonic Donates LED Clear Light Bulbs to the Hermitage Museum in Commemoration of its 250th Anniversary

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    A scene of the ceremony (photo left: Mr. Masato Nakamura, Vice-President of Panasonic Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia - Panasonic Corporation today announced that Panasonic Russia, Ltd. donated a total of 1,812 LED clear light bulbs - 1,693 candle type and 119 incandescent bulb type bulbs(*1) - to the State Hermitage Museum, one of the three most globally renowned museums and registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1990, in commemoration of the 250th anniversary of its foundation on December 5, 2014.

Incandescent light bulbs were widely used in the Hermitage Museum's chandeliers and luminaries. The Museum has now decided to adopt Panasonic's LED light bulbs to reduce energy consumption and improve ease of maintenance while preserving the beauty and value of the decorative articles and collection of paintings inherited from the history-rich House of Romanov.

  • Panasonic's LED Clear Light Bulbs in the Hermitage Museum - reported by Ms. Katya Ekaterina in Panasonic Russia

Replacing incandescent light bulbs with LED clear light bulbs allows energy consumption to be reduced by approximately 83%(*2). The company's proprietary Center Mount Technology(*3) can produce light similar to incandescent light bulbs.

The company plans to provide energy-saving and high-quality lighting in the future without changing the ambience of the spaces or affecting the showpieces of historical museums, and will continue to protect World Heritage locations with the latest technology.

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LED Clear Light Bulbs [Left: Candle Type / Right: Incandescent Bulb Type]


  1. Candle type : Kelvin temperature 2700K/Power consumption 5W
    Incandescent bulb type : Kelvin temperature 2700K/Power consumption 10W
  2. Comparison between the 1,812 LED clear light bulbs to be employed and the incandescent bulbs they replace (source: the company)
  3. By using this "Center Mount Technology," the company succeeded in setting a LED module in the center of a bulb. Thanks to the layout method, the LED light can spread to not only upwards but also downward through the module circuit board.

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