Nov 18, 2014

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Panasonic Supports Smart Retail at "CHINA SHOP 2014 "

Fuzhou, China - Panasonic exhibited at the 16th China Chain Store Industry Conference and Exhibition (CHINA SHOP 2014), which was held from November 6-8 in Fuzhou City, the capital of Fujian Province. In a booth designed to resemble supermarkets and convenience stores, Panasonic introduced one-stop solutions for retail under the theme of "A smart, beautiful lifestyle with intelligent retail," aimed at the rapidly growing demand in China for safe and comfortable shopping environments.

  • Panasonic Supports Smart Retail at "CHINA SHOP 2014"

Exhibition Highlights

Showcases with Double Air Curtain Technology
Ordinarily, 35% of the energy consumed by supermarkets may be attributed to freezer/refrigeration systems. When combined with lighting and air conditioning, this figure rises to 85%. Showcases equipped with Panasonic's unique Double Air Curtain Technology trap cold air inside to maintain freshness while reducing wasteful energy consumption. In the exhibition, Panasonic proposed showcases using this Double Air Curtain Technology for convenience stores. By also managing the energy used by lighting and air conditioning together, Panasonic is able to dramatically lower the energy consumption of retail stores.

POS Workstation
Panasonic's POS Workstation, which is being exported to more than 60 countries around the world, supports smart store operation by keeping track of inventory and analyzing consumer behavior.

  • 02_chinashop2014_WAirCurtain.jpg
    Double Air Curtain Technology
  • 03_chinashop2014_POS.jpg
    POS Workstation

LED Lighting for Retail Stores
Of course, the LED lighting that Panasonic proposes for retail stores saves energy, but it also creates an optimal shopping environment by controlling color tones to match different settings and times of day.

Hand Dryers and Air Purifiers
In addition to Panasonic hand dryers that are used in many fast food restaurants across China, Panasonic air purifiers that remove even PM2.5* particulate matter are proposed to create a more comfortable, enjoyable store environment.

*PM2.5 is a general term for particulate matter that is 2.5 micrometers or less in diameter.

  • 04_chinashop2014_LED.jpg
    LED Lighting for Retail Stores
  • 05_chinashop2014_AirPurifiers.jpg
    Air Purifiers

Panasonic will continue to provide smart solutions such as these that help meet the rapidly growing demand among supermarkets and convenience stores in China to save energy.

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