Oct 29, 2014

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Panasonic Promotes Renewable Energy at Solar Power International

NEWARK, NJ, U.S. - Shortly after the International Energy Agency predicted that solar power may become the largest global power source by 2050, Panasonic took part in a Solar Power International 2014 panel discussion with solar industry professionals working to help make that prediction a reality.

  • Panasonic Promotes Renewable Energy at Solar Power International
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    Panasonic Enterprise Solutions' Jamie Evans, Powertree CEO Stacey Reineccius, Adam Langton, California Public Utilities Commission, Heather Sanders, California ISO, and Janice Lin, California Energy Storage Alliance address the challenges of eliminating barriers to solar success.

The panel, one of many at the four-day eco trade show, included Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company's Jamie Evans and focused on the challenges and solutions to going green. It also spotlighted an innovative project in San Francisco in which Panasonic is working with Powertree Services to build 68 stations that combine solar energy generation with battery storage and electric vehicle charging. Panelists included Powertree's CEO Stacey Reineccius, government and utility officials.

Solar Power, Battery Storage, EV Charging in One Station

Panasonic is providing the engineering, construction and procurement services to Powertree to build the charging stations at multi-unit residential properties around the city. The stations are scheduled to be completed by Earth Day 2015.

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    "THE CURRENT STATE OF ENERGY STORAGE" introduced at Solar Power International (SPI) 2014

On the panel, Jamie described Powertree's unique model and pointed out that being first meant being able to take on the challenges, including getting regulatory approvals from authorities who had to understand the concept and working with different stakeholders to move the project forward. "It's critical to have a clear story--what does the tenant get, what does the building get, what does the independent system operator get? If you don't have your story straight, you have conflicts," added Powertree's Stacey Reineccius. Panelists also talked about the Powertree concept being expanded to other U.S. cities. The Panasonic - Powertree collaboration was covered by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Over 15,000 Solar Industry Professionals Gather for SPI 2014

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    Panasonic booth at SPI 2014
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    At SPI, Panasonic executives led by Jim Doyle met with industry professionals as well as domestic and international media

The panel took place in mid-October as part of Solar Power International (SPI) at the Las Vegas Convention Center, which brought together approximately 15,000 equipment manufacturers, developers, engineering firms, utility operators, government officials, investors and others. The show bills itself as North America's premier business-to-business event for professionals in solar energy and related fields. Some 20% of SPI's attendees come from outside the U.S.

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    "Sun Harvest" introduced at Solar Power International (SPI) 2014

At SPI, Panasonic showcased its end-to-end solar solution platform including its expanding solar footprint--stretching from Canada to Latin America, the company's global battery storage business and its partnership with Coronal Group--a strategic relationship to facilitate the development of solar projects in the commercial, industrial, municipal and small utility markets. In a panel at the show, Coronal Group managing director Ed Feo spoke to an audience of developers and eco professionals about construction financing for midsize solar projects. Recently Panasonic Eco Solutions Canada launched its first project with Coronal to build a 6 megawatt ground mount solar project in Ontario.

Also drawing attention for Panasonic at the show were four newly announced solar projects for Hertz car rental facilities at major U.S. airports including Denver, Newark, St. Louis and JFK in New York City.

Panasonic employees from the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Japan contributed to the total effort at the show. Panasonic's large booth at SPI situated at the entrance to the main exhibition floor made a clear statement of the company's commitment to the industry. "It was virtually impossible to enter the exhibit space without seeing Panasonic Eco Solutions Company as a gateway to the hall," observed one seasoned showgoer.

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