Oct 22, 2014

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Eco Road Show Visits Several Locations in Central America

Panama City, Panama - Panasonic Sales Latin America (PLAT) is running an Eco Road Show visiting various locations in Central America to introduce solutions centered on energy creation, storage, saving and management. This event is being run by PLAT with support from the Brand Communications Division, with the primary purpose of establishing the image of "Panasonic = Eco Solutions," and contributing to sales of solar panels, white goods and so on.

  • 01_eco_panama.jpg
    Panasonic's Eco Road Show in Panama


  • 02_eco_panama.jpg
    A Better Life, A Better World (Corporate) Corner

PLAT ran an Eco Road Show from October 1 to 15, 2014, at a high-class shopping center called Multiplaza Mall in Panama City.

The exhibition area of approximately 80 square meters was made up of five corners: A Better Life, A Better World (Corporate) Corner, a Solar (Energy Creation / Storage) Solutions Corner, a Home Solutions Corner (Energy Saving, Housing) Corner, a Security Solutions Corner, and a 4K Solutions Corner. The exhibition area proved highly popular with visitors.

  • 05_eco_panama.jpg
    Solar (Energy Creation / Storage) Solutions Corner
  • 03_eco_panama.jpg
    4K Solutions Corner
  • 06_eco_panama.jpg
    Home Solutions (Energy Saving) Corner
  • 04_eco_panama.jpg
    Home Solutions (Housing) Corner

The opening event held on October 1 was attended by about seventy reporters and business partners. PLAT President Hiroki Kaji stated with conviction that Panasonic intended to expand with its business partners a solutions business supplying added value to areas such as energy, buildings / offices, stores, housing and so on, centered on eco solutions. Next, Sebastian Gomez, PLAT's public relations officer, explained the Panasonic Group's solutions under the brand slogan of "A Better Life, A Better World" for each area: housing, automobiles, stores, towns and so on. Maria Elena Alvarez Corona, the communications director, then introduced the booth displays. The opening event ended with a song of "A Better Life, A Better World" by a children's chorus group, and an explanation of each corner by the staff.

Other Locations in Central America

The Eco Road Show is visiting other locations in Central America, having reached Bogota in Colombia from September 4 to 21 at the Feria del Hogar, and planning to visit Guatemala in the second half of November and then Colombia from January to March, 2015.

  • Brand Video 2014 "A Better Day"

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