Jul 23, 2014

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Panasonic's Healthcare Solutions Streamline Medical Treatment

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Under the theme of "Providing optimal healthcare for each individual," Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd. showcased its latest solutions at the International Modern Hospital Show 2014, which was held at the Tokyo Big Sight from July 16 to 18. An extensive range of solutions was on display in five zones: Hospital, Clinic, Home Care, Pharmacy, and Healthcare.

  • Panasonic's medical IT solutions help push the frontiers of healthcare

Overview of the Exhibited Solutions

Newly-evolved Automatic Tablet Counting and Packaging Machines, and Medicine Audit Support System

Panasonic also showcased its Automatic Tablet Counting and Packaging Machines, sold overseas, for use by pharmaceutical departments. After receiving information about prescriptions from the electronic medical chart, the system sorts and packages the prescribed medicine, and the Medicine Audit Support System automatically double-checks the dispensed medication. The Automatic Tablet Counting and Dispensing System recognizes IC chips in the tablet cases and minimizes the chance of human error.

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Healthcare Notebook service for pharmacies

The recently introduced "Healthcare Notebook" service enables patients to photograph and send prescriptions they received at the hospital to registered pharmacies using a free app, so they won't have to wait as long at the pharmacy. Patients will also be able to keep a log of all the medication they are taking or have taken, and an alarm will remind them that it's time to take their medicine. With this service, pharmacies can raise their level of service, acquire new customers, and improve efficiency. It will roll out in approximately 500 pharmacies of the Sogo Medical Co., Ltd. nationwide. The number of pharmacies offering the service will then continue to increase.
*Initially, the service will only be available in Japan.

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Electronic medical chart system, Medicom-HR III, for clinics

Panasonic also offers the Medicom-HR III as a solution for clinics. Its hard copy-like usability and excellent customer support have received excellent feedback. From electronic medical charts to administrative medical computers, a medical image archiving system, and tablet device connectivity, Panasonic offers a wide range of solutions for managing medical information.
*Initially, the service will only be available in Japan.

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Panasonic Healthcare will continue to propose unique solutions that take advantage of its medical IT systems to better "link diagnosis and treatment," "utilize medical information," and "support drug research and development." By "Providing optimal healthcare for each individual," these activities are drawing widespread attention.

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