Jul 01, 2014

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Panasonic Announces Targets Towards Powering Eco Lifestyles with Technology

As economies boom, natural resources are being stretched to support growing energy consumption and demand. Since 2009, the Eco Declaration has functioned as a platform to share Panasonic's commitment to pursue environmental sustainability in its business activities. Such performance benchmarks spur the company to constantly challenge itself to improve and grow the business. Additionally, these benchmarks enable the company to be accountable to both its stakeholders and the general public, and directly engage them in its sustainability efforts.

Panasonic Asia Pacific (Panasonic) announced its commitment to power eco lifestyles with technology in Southeast Asia and Oceania, through its new Eco Declaration Framework, in Singapore on 20 June 2014. It also revealed stellar results of last mid-term Eco Declaration.

  • 01_ECODEC14.jpg
    Display of Panasonic ECONAVI and Inverter home appliances.
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    Panasonic BG-BL03 Solar Lantern provides electricity to areas with limited electrical infrastructure.

In this new mid-term, Panasonic aims to further enhance energy efficiency of its eco products, such as its flagship range of ECONAVI and Inverter home appliances. The company has set a new target of 8 million tons of CO2 emission reduction in Southeast Asia and Oceania by FY2015 (year ending March 2016) throughout product lifespan. Previous mid-term results indicated heightened interest in greener lifestyles among customers, with sales of eco products increasing from 49% to 80%. By enhancing product technology and providing a wider range of energy efficient products to choose from, the company hopes customers will continue to switch to save. Ultimately, reduction of CO2 emissions is a collective effort among Panasonic, its employees and also the public.

  • 03_ECODEC14.jpg
    40 teams from primary and secondary schools in Singapore received seed funding to kick start their eco outreach projects.

To further raise environmental awareness among the community, Panasonic will strive to spread the green message to 200,000 more members of the community through eco outreach activities and education programmes by March 2016.

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    Panasonic executives with the company's key B2B and B2G partners.

As a cornerstone of its growth strategy, Panasonic will also strengthen its Business-to-Business (B2B) portfolio via collaboration in energy solutions projects towards the development of smart and sustainable cities in the region. Two key examples include contributing to the Low Carbon Society for the Iskandar Economic Zone in Malaysia and studying the feasibility of providing alternative energy choices and integrated energy services to residents of Yuhua, one of Singapore's residential estates, with the Housing Development Board (HDB) and Energy Market Authority (EMA).

Besides providing products and solutions to help the community to reduce carbon footprint, Panasonic also takes stewardship of its own business activities. This mid-term the company aims to achieve a further 700,000 tons CO2 emission reduction (versus 'business-as-usual' level) through green manufacturing activities.

  • 05_ECODEC14.jpg

In his keynote address, Mr. Ram Bhaskar, Director of Energy Efficiency and Conservation Department of National Environment Agency, shared Singapore's national policies on improving energy efficiency of industries and households. He commended Panasonic Asia Pacific for supporting the nation's efforts through its three-pronged approach towards CO2 emission reduction in Southeast Asia and Oceania - (1) developing more eco consumer products, (2) deploying comprehensive energy solutions and (3) incorporating green manufacturing practices in its factories.

Panasonic Asia Pacific is committed to pursuing environmental sustainability and will continue to mitigate the environmental impact of its business activities through its technologies, products and solutions towards 'A Better Life, A Better World'.

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