Apr 04, 2014

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Panasonic Works to Provide Clean Water and Promote Energy Conservation in Indonesian Village

On March 13, Panasonic Gobel Indonesia (PGI) held a donation ceremony for its water pumps and energy efficient light bulbs in Ciseeng, Bogor, just south from the Indonesian capital Jakarta as part of its CSR initiatives to bring access to clean water and promote energy conservation in rural areas of the country.

  • 01-201403PGIPump.JPG
    Promoting the water pump which can run for over 30 hours continuously

While PGI has maintained top share1 for its locally produced water pump products, many towns in the Indonesian archipelago still do not have access to clean water supply. That is why PGI has taken a step forward to contribute to society by working together with the local Indonesian government to donate five water stations installed with 340 energy-saving Panasonic light bulbs and specially designed Panasonic water pumps GF-255HCX to the 2000 person Karihkil village in Ciseeng.

1. Combined share of Panasonic and SANYO branded products

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    The water can be used for cooking, washing of laundry or even cleaning before praying
  • 03-201403PGIPump.JPG
    Energy-efficient light bulbs at the Mosque
  • 04-201403PGIPump.JPG
    Lighting Installed at the Water Station

The Indonesian National Statistics Agency has projected that the Indonesian population will increase to 247.5 million people in 2015, an increase that directly correlates to clean water supply. The high demand for water coupled with the limited availability of the supply will lead to conditions in which water becomes scarcer in regions of Indonesia, especially the rural areas of the Java Island. One of these areas experiencing this problem is Ciseeng, Bogor. Collaborating with Nyalawati Foundation, PGI has taken initiative to provide clean water for the people in Karihkil village, Ciseeng. While being situated near the city, Karihkil Village, Ciseeng, Bogor rely on the existing water pumps for clean water, which are very rare and old. The lighting condition around the village, especially in public areas, is also limited, which could cause safety problems in the future.

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At the donation ceremony Mr. Hiroyoshi Suga, President Director of PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia stated, "For more than 50 years in Indonesia, Panasonic has always been committed to deliver a one - stop solution that suits the community's needs. In 2014, Panasonic took the initiative to establish the "Panasonic Clean Village", which is a program that helps the local Indonesian government to provide clean water in environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way. Due to that reason, we hope that our effort to provide the facilities, equipped with water pumps as well as energy-saving lightings, will benefit local people, as well as create a better life for the people in Karihkil, Ciseeng."

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Mr. Edy Muslihat, Head of Village Ciseeng said, "This water pump and energy efficient lamps donation is very important for us in ensuring the availability of clean water provided by 5 water towers on different locations and proper lighting at night. We are hoping that Panasonic's good intention will continue, not just in our village, but also in other villages in Indonesia as well. We wish every success for Panasonic's business. Thank you."

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    Media gathered at the donation ceremony
  • 08-201403PGIPump.JPG
    Mr. Hiroyoshi Suga, President Director of PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia explains about the water pump
  • 09-201403PGIPump.JPG
    Local children invite the visitors with a performance

PGI hopes that the 'Panasonic Clean Village' initiative will benefit the Karihkil community for a long time as well as increase the economic condition of the area.

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