Mar 13, 2014

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Panasonic Asia Pacific Awarded "Best Company for Sustainability" Electronics (Global)

At the fourth edition of IAIR Awards - Excellence in Global Economy and Sustainability, Panasonic Asia Pacific (PA) was recognised for its ECONAVI product innovation, energy solutions business and CSR programmes aimed at inculcating eco consciousness among the public.

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    Mr. Guido Giommi, President, IAIR Group, congratulating Mr. Joe Tsuchiya, Director, Brand Management Group, on Panasonic Asia Pacific's win.
"Thanks to its cooperation with Asian institutions, Panasonic has been able to encourage the adoption of green products through public eco-awareness campaigns, focusing on the next generations. The award reflects its commitment to promote environmental conservation initiatives and to reduce its regional carbon dioxide emission footprint," said Mr. Guido Giommi, President, IAIR Group.
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Receiving the award at the ceremony held at Sheraton Hotel & Towers in Hong Kong, Mr Joe Tsuchiya, Director, Brand Management Group, Panasonic Asia Pacific, commented, "The IAIR Awards is one of the world's leading awards for excellence in global economy and sustainability and we are honoured that our green commitments are recognised. Sustainability has been an intrinsic part of Panasonic's business philosophy since our founding. We will continue place people before products, focusing on enriching lives around the world by offering eco and smart solutions to contribute to the society's progress and deliver our brand promise of creating 'A Better Life, A Better World' for our customers and partners."

PA was one of the six companies based in Singapore receiving IAIR Awards at the ceremony. Last year, Panasonic was voted one of the Global Sustainable Companies by IAIR.

In addition, Panasonic Asia Pacific was also awarded Top Honour Green Technology Award by Singapore Business Federation (31 October 2013) and President's Award for the Environment (28 September 2012).

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