Dec 31, 2013

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Exhibiting Wide Range of Smart Community Solutions at the Indonesia Japan Expo 2013

Panasonic participated at the Indonesia Japan Expo 2013 held at the Jakarta International Expo in Jakarta, Indonesia from December 19-22. Basing the concept on the new brand slogan A Better Life A Better World, Panasonic exhibited a wide range of smart community solutions in order to enhance its B2B brand presence to visitors.

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  • 01-IJexpo.JPG

To honour the 55th anniversary of the bilateral relations of Japan and Indonesia, the exhibition was held to promote the Japanese culture including arts and tourism but most importantly the smart energy saving, environmentally friendly technology of Japan. Roughly 200 exhibitors consisting of Japanese enterprises and governmental organizations participated over the span of four days.

Panasonic's booth was among the largest at 360 m2, separated into 8 different areas: Retail Solutions, Facility Solutions, Home Solutions, Office Solutions, Transportation Solutions, Town Solutions, Smart City Solutions and CSR activities.

Retail Solution:

  • 02-IJExpo.JPG
    A Lawson convenient store mock-up at the booth
  • 03-IJExpo.JPG
    Exhibiting the cold-chain refrigerator showcase

The retail solutions area featured an advanced green store partnership test-bed example with Lawson utilizing a sample of our retail solutions such as Inverter AC, LED lighting, Cold-chain Refrigerator Showcase, Double HIT Solar panels, etc. The actual test-bed project, set to kick off this fiscal year is a collaboration between Lawson, PT Midi Utama Indonesia Tbk (MIDI) and Panasonic whereby after meeting requirements set by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Japanese Ministry of the Environment (MOE), three stores will be established in Indonesia (one store with METI, two stores with MOE). The project is a one of a kind solution to realize the offset of carbon footprint in Indonesia utilizing Japanese cutting edge technologies and at the same time allowing for the same credit of CO2 offset in Japan.

Factory Solution:

  • 04-IJExpo.JPG
  • 05-IJExpo.JPG

Solutions for steady production of high quality vegetables

The plant factory technology developed by Panasonic's factory solutions is exhibited for the first time in this area and serves as Panasonic's solutions for steady production of high quality vegetation by artificially controlling the cultivation environment from the incubation to the automatic watering through a mist control system.

Town Solution:

  • 06-IJExpo.JPG
    Model of the off-grid power system
  • 07-IJExpo.JPG
    Model of power grid system run by a solar panel

Energy solutions for the town by Panasonic include a stand alone power system created through our HIT solar panels and storage batteries which helps provide communication infrastructure to off-grid areas. In addition, Panasonic's Intelligent Transport System to process and control highway traffic was introduced.

Smart City Solution:

The Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town project was introduced as the latest smart city solution that Panasonic is taking part in.

Office Solution:

An easy to install flooring system OKIJIKI is introduced as the solution to resolve wiring issues at offices. In addition, VRF system which have been introduced in Indonesia were also on display.

  • 08-IJExpo.JPG
    Showcasing the details of the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town Project
  • 09-IJExpo.JPG
    Explaining the OKIJIKI flooring system to attendees
  • 10-IJExpo.JPG
    Lineup of VRF system

Home Solution:

  • 11-IJExpo.JPG
    Exhibiting the smart solutions in the home through connecting smart home appliances for maximum energy efficiency
  • 12-IJExpo.JPG
    Explaining the LED lighting functions

This area exhibited the smart solutions of saving, creating, storing and managing energy through Panasonic's various products for the home from energy efficient ECONAVI home appliances to the smart HEMS (Home Energy Management Systems) and the 5Kwh office/home storage battery.

Transportation Solution:

  • 13-IJExpo.JPG
    ELSEEV electric vehicle charging stand for PHEV
  • 14-IJExpo.JPG
    Custom made eco-friendly electric assist bicycles by Panasonic

Panasonic solutions in transportation such as the 18650 lithium ion battery cell used for electric vehicles as well as the ELSEEV electric vehicle charging stand for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), EV was exhibited to encourage eco-friendly transportation. In addition, the electric assist bicycle technology was showcased.

CSR Activities:

  • 15-IJExpo.JPG
    Exhibiting the 100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project
  • 16-IJExpo.JPG
    Workshop to create a dry-cell battery

Various CSR activities Panasonic have participated in to contribute to the Indonesian society were exhibited: 100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project; Life Innovation Container Donation; and Solar Panel donations to off-grid areas.

In addition, Panasonic Gobel Indonesia (PGI), Panasonic Energy Company Gobel Indonesia (PECGI) and the Energy Division joined together to establish a battery workshop for children as well as a necklight decoration workshop for the younger female audience.

Moving forward, Panasonic aims to continue to show its commitment to the Indonesian market through its various smart solutions as the country continues to progress and develop to ultimately increase its brand presence in the B2B sector.

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