Nov 17, 2013

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Panasonic Showcased Comprehensive Line-up of B2B and B2G Solutions at GITEX 2013

Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa (PMMAF) - the regional headquarters for Panasonic in the region showcased its comprehensive line-up of industry leading total business solutions at its 15th consecutive year at GITEX Technology Week; under the theme 'Solutions at the heart of every business' from October 20-24th, 2013. Panasonic successfully attracted approximately 31,600 visitors at its booth.

  • A quick summary of Panasonic's activities at GITEX 2013

UAE witnessed the 33rd GITEX Technology Week, the region's highly rated ICT event at Dubai Convention Centre, dated from 20th- 24th Oct, 2013. With its copious potential GITEX 2013 embodied over 3500 exhibitors representing 80 percent of top ICT brands from across the globe and a footfall of over 139000 visitors from 144 countries.

  • 01-2013gitex.JPG
    From left, AVC Networks Company (AVC) Business Development Center Director Shigeo Okuda, Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa FZE (PMMAF) Managing Director Masao Motoki, AVC Visual Systems Business Division Director Koichi Kawashima
  • 02-2013GITEX.JPG
    Product unveiling by senior officials from Panasonic at the press conference

At its press conference, Panasonic unveiled the world's first ultra-high definition 4K 20-inch TOUGHPAD and Solid Shine Lampfree projector lens to its high-end business solutions for the Middle East Region. The press conference attracted more than 100 media associates from UAE and other GCC countries and the African continent.

Projector Solutions Zone

The projector solutions zone drew considerable attention through demonstrations showing the uniqueness of the applications available, with projection mapping onto a book-style screen using two 12,000 lumen DLP projectors and a panorama view using three 8,500 lumen DLP projectors with ultra-short focus lenses and the ultra-wide angle camera.

  • 03-2013GITEX.JPG
    A panorama view using three 8,500 lumen DLP projectors with ultra-short focus lenses and the ultra-wide angle camera
  • 04-2013GITEX.JPG
    Video wall zone with sixteen screens

Sixteen-screen Video Wall Zone

A video wall, using sixteen 55-inch LED-LCD panels, functioned as the face of Panasonic's booth with its interactive demonstration

  • 05-2013GITEX.JPG
    Visitors interacting with the 4K 20" Toughpad
  • 06-2013GITEX.JPG
    Product displayed at Security & Home safety zone


The TOUGHPAD 4K was the overriding hero product in this year's TOUGHBOOK / TOUGHPAD zone. Overwhelming interest was garnered by not just the powerful picture quality on the 20-inch screen with 4K resolution, but also by the fine detailing possible with the electronic pen.

Video Intercom Zone

Panasonic's strengths in wireless technology were prominent, with a display of the entire lineup focusing on the latest Security & Home safety products.

  • 07-2013GITEX.JPG
    GSM Wireless Phones on display
  • 08-2013GITEX.JPG
    Driving video recorder

IP PBX Solutions Zone

The private branch exchange (PBX) area introduced a key new product, the Pure IP-PBX (NS500) to the Middle East and Africa market. Additionally, on display was Panasonic's product lineup which covers every field, ranging from analog / digital to IP via smart migration through introducing new features with the NS1000.

Other Product Line-ups

Displayed alongside key solution zones were the interactive PDP, driving video recorders and office automation products.

Through GITEX 2013, PMMAF was able to communicate its aggressive plans to actively promote and create new business-to-business and business-to-government opportunities in Middle East & African business sphere.

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