Nov 05, 2013

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Enriching Services in Healthcare through Panasonic HOSPI Robot

As the aging population is rapidly rising in Japan, Panasonic has acknowledged that healthy financial operations of necessary healthcare institutions such as hospital starts from standardization and enrichment of services provided there. From October 2013, Panasonic has announced it will commercialize its Autonomous Delivery Robot for Hospitals or HOSPI robot which couriers critical medicine and samples safely around the facility on its own, allowing nurses and hospital staff to focus more attention on bedside support for patients.

  • 01_HOSPI201311.jpg
    Panasonic HOSPI Robot

Since 2010, Panasonic has been actively testing HOSPI at the Matsushita Memorial Hospital in Osaka after finding results that the bottleneck for everyday work at the hospital is the time needed for routine errands such as transporting medicine or samples. By utilizing a robot with a securely locked medicine cabinet to safely and accurately deliver the medicine, HOSPI has not only verified its effectiveness through relieving nurses of routine errands but also proved to help in improving management at the hospital. Through an autonomous programmable mobility not necessary of special installations such as a special track or path for its movement and the ability to freely move on and off elevators, its integration to the hospital has been smooth. Overall its results during its field test have resulted in the decision to commercialize the robot.


  1. No need for separate installation of tracks or path guides
  2. Autonomous movement through laser sensors to detect surroundings and easily maneuver around people and objects
  3. Highly secure medicine cabinet for important medicine or samples
  4. Surveillance system through in-hospital LAN or Wi-fi
  • 02_HOSPI201311.jpg
  • 03_HOSPI201311.jpg

  • Panasonic Solutions Report 04 "Health Care Solution"

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