Oct 29, 2013

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HIT Solar Panels and LED Lighting Installed in State Governor's Residence in Mexico

Panasonic de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (PANAMEX) delivered and installed a photovoltaic system and LED lighting as the prime contractor for an energy saving project for the State Governor's residence in Aguascalientes, Mexico. A finishing ceremony was held at the Governor's residence and guest house on September 30, 2013.

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Energy Saving Project for State Governor's Residence in Aguascalientes

The state of Aguascalientes is located in central west Mexico, as an industrial city experiencing rapid development. This region has also seen considerable investment by Japanese companies and boasts a strong relationship with Japan. This project is one of a series of measures aimed at making Aguascalientes the "No. 1 Eco State" in Mexico. The plan involves the conversion of the Governor's residence and guest house into an Eco model house using energy saving technology. Then by validating the results of the energy saving measures, the same measures can be expanded to various facilities and businesses within the state.

PANAMEX quickly expressed a keen interest in efforts directed at making Aguascalientes the No. 1 Eco State, presenting successive technology proposals from the very first stages of the project. Aguascalientes enjoys a large quantity of sunshine, so after conducting surveys on-site, PANAMEX proposed LED lighting fixtures and HIT solar panels that efficiently generate power in limited spaces, fully utilizing Panasonic's energy creation and saving technology. These proposals were evaluated highly by the State Minister for the Environment.

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    HIT solar panels installed on the roof of the State Governor's Residence
  • 03_mexicohit_201310.jpg
    HIT solar panels installed on the roof of the Guest House
  • 04_mexicohit_201310LED.jpg
    LED lighting
  • 05_mexicohit_201310monitor.JPG
    Power generation monitoring system (Monitor:Smart VIERA)

Dramatic reductions in power consumption using Panasonic's energy creation and saving solutions

  • •Energy creation: Power generation system using 66 HIT solar panels (total 15 kW) (Generating 2,200 kWh per month, covering around 40% of total power needs)
  • Power generation monitoring system
  • Energy saving: Total 175 LED lamps, halogen & chandelier type (Reduction in consumed power of around 88% compared with before)
  • Integration and installation of these systems

At the Finishing Ceremony

The finishing ceremony, hosted by the Aguascalientes state government, was held September 30 at the Governor's residence and guest house and attended by Aguascalientes State Governor Carlos Lozano and his wife, State Minister for the Environment Jorge Duran, and Japanese Ambassador to Mexico Shuichiro Megata. Both the Governor and Minister emphasized that measures aiming to make Aguascalientes the No. 1 Eco State, the origin of this project, would be further accelerated. Ambassador Megata emphasized the need for energy saving measures as well as highlighting the strengthening relations between Japan and Mexico.

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    Ribbon-cutting ceremony

Panasonic was represented by PANAMEX President Yoshihiro Kanamaru. President Kanamaru, after outlining the details of the project, stated the company's resolve to continue making proposals that match the objectives of the environmental measures being conducted by the state through Panasonic's B2B and B2G solutions business, contributing to Mexican society through the provision of a comfortable lifestyle while saving energy.

The finishing ceremony was attended by around 50 people in attendance, including from state government, educational facilities, economic circles and about 10 Japanese companies that have invested locally, highlighting the strong interest and expectations of the local region.

PANAMEX will continue to propose various energy saving solutions to the government and private sectors in the state of Aguascalientes to enable them to realize comfortable office and living environments.

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