Sep 17, 2013

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Panasonic and Viessmann to Sell Europe's First Fuel Cell Cogeneration System for Homes

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    First Fuel Cell Cogeneration System for the European Market
    Left: Water tank and backup boiler unit, Right: Fuel cell unit

Viessmann Group and Panasonic Corporation have jointly developed a new fuel cell cogeneration system, which will become the first polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC) fuel cell system available for single-homes in Europe. It will be sold by Viessmann, starting in Germany in April 2014.

Aiming at an integrated system adapted for European markets, Panasonic and Viessmann have set up a joint development agreement and have jointly designed the complete fuel cell system. The fuel cell unit has been developed by Panasonic and will be manufactured in Japan, then supplied to Viessmann. The unit of the peak load boiler and the hot water tank has been developed by Viessmann. Viessmann will also carry out the assembly of the complete unit. Thus, Viessmann and Panasonic have jointly designed the overall complete system of fuel cell.

The fuel cell system, which can be installed in the basement or utility room, consists of two units - the integrated DHW cylinder and auxiliary boiler as well as the fuel cell unit. Both have been designed with a high-end feel. Through the provision of dedicated apps, information about the operating status of the system can be displayed on the customer's smartphone or tablet. Customers will be able to operate the system remotely, display data on power generation status, economic and environmental efficiency as well as receive notifications concerning maintenance information.

For more details on the development, view the press release.

Main specifications

  1. Features a co-generation system providing household power generation and home heating/ water heating using gas. The system realizes a reduction in CO2 by 50 percent compared to the separate production of power and heat.
  2. Consists of a simple design comprising a water tank and backup boiler unit and a fuel cell unit, which is perfectly suited to indoor installation in the basement or utility room of German households
  3. Remote operation and access to the latest power generation data and maintenance information enabled through the use of a smartphone or tablet

Main specifications of the Fuel Cell System

  • [Power output] 750W (Rating constant control)
  • [Thermal output] 1000W
  • [Electrical connection] AC230V - 50Hz
  • [Power generation efficiency] 37%(LHV)
  • [Combined efficiency] 90%(LHV)
  • [Operating time] 60,000 hours (Start up-shut down: 4,000 times)
  • [Boiler output] 19kW
  • [Lifespan] Stack 10 years, Overall unit 20 years
  • [Dimensions] Fuel cell unit H1670mm x W480mm x D475mm, Boiler & Tank Unit H1950 mm x W 600 mm x D600mm
  • [Weight] Fuel cell unit 125 kg, Boiler and Tank unit 170 kg

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