Aug 12, 2013

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Panasonic Launches Tabletop Air Purifiers for the Chinese Market

  • 01-201308Jingling.jpg
    "Jing-ling" Tabletop Air Purifiers' launch ceremony designed around the product's operational buttons

China has suffered from worsening air pollution over recent years, including an increase in PM2.5* particle pollution. This has led to growing popular interest in indoor air quality, and heightened demand for air purifiers. Seeing this new heightened interest, Panasonic put together a special project to design air purifiers specifically for the Chinese market and earlier in July, its first tabletop air purifier product "Jing-ling" (spirit in English) was launched.

  • 02-201308Jingling.jpg
    "Jing-ling" tabletop air purifiers, new products designed for the Chinese market
  • 03-201308Jingling.jpg
    The young female staff members involved in the development of "Jing-ling"

Panasonic Air Purifiers Well-Received in China

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Panasonic's subsidiary, Panasonic Ecology Systems Co., Ltd. (PESES) has been selling air purifiers in China since 2004 to great acclaim, winning the 2012 Indoor Environmental Protection Industry Top 10 News Award and 2012 China Indoor Environmental Protection Industry New Recommended Product Award. The 2012 Indoor Environmental Protection Industry Top 10 News Award was presented in recognition of the great contribution that the company's air purifiers have been making to solving the PM2.5* pollution problem in China, which is one of the largest domestic news stories at present. Meanwhile, the 2012 China Indoor Environmental Protection Industry New Recommended Product award was presented to the F-VXH50C air purifier launched in 2012, which has been praised as a new product of great technological sophistication.

The shipment ceremony was followed by a press conference for major media outlets from Beijing and Guangzhou. At the press conference, Panasonic stressed to further strengthen its product lineup beyond "Jing-ling," with air purifiers designed for the Chinese market from high-end to high-volume. It also announced it would accelerate its activities with the aim of achieving to at least double the sales figure recorded in the last fiscal year.

  • 04-201308Jingling.jpg
    PESES Managing Director Katsushige Hayashi Explains the Global Strategies at the Press Conference
  • 05-201308Jingling.jpg
    A developer herself explaining the purifier

* Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5 refers to ultrafine particles with a diameter of no more than 2.5 μm. These particles are thought to be a cause of asthma and bronchitis, and have produced severe air pollution problems in Beijing and many other Chinese cities.

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