Mar 25, 2013

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Panasonic Projectors Dazzle Yet Again in The Stunning Outdoor 3D Light and Sound Show, "Prosperity"

"Prosperity" ushered in the festivities of the Chinese New Year with audiences through spectacular imagery symbolising good fortune, happiness, abundant wealth and longevity.

  • 01-201303VENETIAN.jpg
    The Iconic Venetian Macao Resort Hotel
    Projection Mapping Created, Designed and Implemented by Laservision

The colourful projection mapping was backed by an orchestral sound score and an amazing array of special effects which left audiences in awe. The show, one of the world's largest outdoor 3D light and sound shows, ran all the way till 24th February. "Prosperity" utilised innovative digital projection mapping technology.

  • 02-201303VENETIAN.jpg
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  • 04-201303VENETIAN.JPG
  • 06-201303VENETIAN.JPG
    Truly A Work of Art

Last November, The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel ran a similar outdoor 3D light and sound show dubbed "The Magic of The Seasons" where audiences were taken on a journey of the four seasons evoking the joy and wonder of summer, autumn, winter and spring; from the golden glow of summer to the frozen icicles of winter. "The Magic of The Seasons" was done in conjunction with the biggest holiday festival in Macau, "Winter in Venice".

  • Experience "The Magic of The Seasons" as if you were there at Macau!

A total of 26 PT-DZ21K 3-Chip DLPTM Projectors with 20,000 lumens of brightness were used in both projection mapping spectacle. Unlike other projectors in the market, the eco friendly PT-DZ21K makes use of the "half" concept - half size, half weight, half power consumption. The projector's stable, extended operation and high level of reliability achieved by its multi-lamp system and liquid cooling system made the projectors the ideal choice for the outdoor show, which requires high level of brightness and image resolution for projection on large scale architecture like the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel.

Note: All photos and videos belong to Laservision - Designers and Creators of "Prosperity" and the Winter in Venice - "The Magic of The Seasons" Macau

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