Mar 05, 2013

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Panasonic Supporting the Food Lifeline

From February 13 to 15, 2013, the Supermarket Tradeshow 2013 was held at Tokyo, Japan.  Under the theme, “Full support for the food line,” Panasonic proposed an extensive range of solutions for supermarkets that support the community’s food lifeline.  These solutions not only provide energy-savings, they also empower supermarkets to support the community in case of natural disasters.  Please take a look at the comprehensive range of solutions the Panasonic group presented.


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    Panasonic’s Supermarket Showcase Business Celebrates its 50th Anniversary
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    CFC-free Freezer System with Zero Ozone Depletion

Panasonic’s supermarket showcase business celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.  This corner introduced the latest LED lighting and supermarket showcases that reduce the amount of cold air that escapes into the store thereby curtailing wasteful energy use.  Panasonic also exhibited a CFC-free freezer system with zero ozone depletion, which helps bring to life the aforementioned showcases.

LED lighting that produces natural lighting for produce

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    The Natural-color LED Demonstration Corner Attracted Many Visitors
  • 10800-5.jpg
    Perishable Goods Can Also Be Lit in Their Natural Color

Panasonic’s “natural-color LEDs” highlight the natural color of produce.  Demonstrations were held in the corner resembling a supermarket, and many visitors stopped by to take a look.

Energy Management System Saves Energy and Prepares for Disasters

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    The Energy Creation-storage System Combines the Solar Power Generation System and Storage Batteries
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    In Times of Power Outages, the Lights of the Showcase are Dimmed Down to Conserve Energy

The energy creation-storage system helps reduce peak electrical consumption with the solar power generation system and storage batteries.  Even in times of power outages, the system will supply power created by the solar power generation system during the day, and then power from the storage batteries at night.  The system will help provide safety and security to the community by maintaining the minimum amount of energy necessary and keeping the store up and running.

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    Centrally Controlling Various Equipment in the Supermarket
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    The Temperatures of the Showcases are Monitored at All Times, Working in Conjunction with Other Equipment

By centrally controlling equipment such as showcases, freezers, air conditioning facilities, and lighting, which were separately controlled in the past, the energy consumption of the entire store may be conserved.

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    Remote Operation Service, “ERMOS.” 
  • 10800-11.jpg
    A Demonstration of How Energy Use in the Store or the Building May Be Remotely Monitored

Panasonic also proposed a remote operation service, which monitors the energy consumed in the entire store 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, makes such information “visible,” and finds “wasteful use” to help save energy.

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