Apr 10, 2012

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Panasonic Praised for Super Green Brand in Taiwan

Highly evaluated for its eco initiatives in sales activities, reports on eco activities, and active disclosure of environmental management results, Panasonic received the No.1 Award for three consecutive years in the consumer electronics field of the 2012 Green Brand Survey in Taiwan on March 29, 2012. Panasonic also received the Super Green Brand Grand Award, which is given to only three companies among all No. 1 companies in 30 business fields.

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    President Akihiro Nakatani of Panasonic Taiwan Co., Ltd.(right) receiving the Super Green Brand Grand Award from Chief Chen, the head of Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration

The Green Brand Survey is the only environmental related brand survey conducted in Taiwan by Shuwei Shidai, Taiwan's leading technology information magazine and the eco brand ranking is announced for all 30 business fields. Furthermore, the Ten Major Eco Brands are announced for ten major fields, and its social status is getting higher each year.

The evaluation is done from three perspectives, green products and services, green policies and initiatives, and green reliability. They also conduct online voting and undergo examinations by experts. The Eco Brand Ranking is decided by comprehensive evaluation.

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Plaques of Super Green Brand Grand Award (left) and No.1 Award in the Consumer Electronics

Last October, the Panasonic Group in Taiwan announced a specific eco activity promotion plan for 2015 titled the 'eco ideas' Declaration. As for contribution in reducing CO2 emissions through products, the group companies are introducing its ECONAVI*1 products continuously. Also, for environmental contribution through production activities, the company is aiming at the reduction of CO2 emissions earlier than its original plan and is promoting to increase the collection ratio of waste resources.

*1: "ECO NAVI" is the brand new technology by Panasonic, standing for "Ecology (= Energy Saving) Navigation" which automatically senses the human presence, location and activity level to operate itself in the most efficient and energy saving way. Panasonic appliances range with 21 product categories. (As of September 2011, in Japan)

Furthermore, Panasonic employees in Taiwan are playing active roles to promote 'eco ideas' through initiatives such as engaging in eco learning programs together with children, 'no-car day', tree planting, and beach cleaning etc. as part of environmental contributions. For example, starting this year two eco activities were started, first a beach cleaning activity nicknamed "Panasonic Beach" is done at Xiashe Beach in Taiwan's Wanli District while secondly a tree planting activity called "Panasonic Forest" for a 10.5-hectare land in Taiwan's Taoyuan County's Governmental Territory began.

Panasonic takes these awards as not only the recognition for long years of endeavors but also as proof of establishing the status as the leading eco brand in Taiwan's consumer electronics market. With these awards, Panasonic is committed to accelerate environmental innovations in all activities, including the development and manufacturing of new products closely related to the lives of people in Taiwan. The company also aims to contribute to the environment with its business growth.

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