Mar 20, 2012

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"Fearless" Panasonic Toughpad™ is Ready for the Market

Nowadays, there are many tablet in the market, but do you know there is only one tablet in the world which can be said to have "Fearless" performance?
Panasonic, an industry leader in rugged, reliable handheld and tablet computers since 1996, is ready to debut the Toughpad™ family of professional-grade Android™-powered tablets (#Toughpad),in 10" and 7" sizes this spring.
And you'll have to see it to believe how 'fearless' it is.

Unveiled at its Launch Party

For two decades, Toughbook® mobile computers have brought powerful computing to extreme environments, running flawlessly while defying the elements.

In Nov 2011, as a new addition to the Panasonic Toughpad™ family, the fearless new business tablets was first unveiled as the expansion of its lineup at a Toughpad™ Launch Party at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, with the attendance of Major League Soccer players.

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    Introduction of Toughpad

"For many manufacturers this is new territory, but it's currently one of Panasonic's growing product categories. The Toughpad™ tablets are developed from the inside out to address the needs of the business users." said Rance M. Poehler, President, Panasonic Solutions Company North America, at Toughpad Launch Party

Toughpad A1: Features

Durability MIL-STD-810G and IP65 certified
Display 10.1" XGA LED 1024 x 768
Multi touch and digitizer daylight-readable screen
Wireless Integrated 4G (WiMax, LTE) or 3G mobile broadband (optional) Wi-Fi hotspot router, GPS receiver (satellite-based), Bluetooth®

Toughpad™ can propose the best solution to any industry's needs , as this site shows.

By Accident or on Purpose???

More than eight hundreds attendees at Panasonic press conference in CES2012 witnessed the moment,Toughpad™ was dropped on the ground.
See the moment on YouTube uploaded by CNNTV.

  • "Panasonic Gets Tough with New Tablet (hands on)" Copy Right by CNETTV

After the press conference, media picked up on the "accidental" fall and most importantly wanted to test their hands on the durability of the Toughpad themselves soon after, much to the reluctance of the Panasonic booth staff. With the incident being caught online, the durability of the tablet soon also spread virally.

The "Fearless" Toughpad™ A1 will be available in the Spring of 2012 in USA and Japan at first. The 7-inch model, B1 will be later in 2012. Both of them will be sold not at retailers but through authorized Panasonic business & office dealers. You can't wait right!???

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