Jan 30, 2012

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Panasonic showcases Solutions for Electric Vehicles at the 4th Int'l Automotive Electronics Technology Expo

Asia's largest scale car electronics technology show, Automotive World 12, was held at Tokyo Big Sight from January 18 to 20, 2012.

This show consists of three exhibitions, 4th Int'l Automotive Electronics Technology Expo (CAR-ELE JAPAN), 3rd EV & HEV Drive System Technology Expo (EV JAPAN), and 2nd Automotive Weight Reduction Expo, where all kinds of car electronics technology-related components, materials, software, production equipment, and testing technologies were exhibited. There were roughly 500 exhibitors this year, a substantial increase from last year, with approximately 1.5 times larger floor scale.

  • 01_Car-ere.JPG
    Panasonic Booth at the 4th Int'l Automotive Electronics Technology Expo

Panasonic demonstrated its group-wide comprehensive strength at the Components & Devices Zone of CAR-ELE JAPAN, based on the following three areas: "Power Management Solutions," "Sensor Solutions," and "Human Interface Solutions" and promoted a number of devices that contribute to EV evolution from the design and development phase.

Power Management Solutions: Realizing Energy Saving and Resource Saving

Items exhibited included the world's leading HEV/EV film capacitor offering high performance and long life; "battery backup power-supply unit" to support in-car devices; and compact, high-capacity, high-reliability "EV relay" that blocks DC power for EVs, HEVs, and PHEVs. In addition, a high-capacity/high-durability "lithium-ion battery module" made with 18650-size nickel-ion battery cells was exhibited and its installation flexibility, smallness, and safety were emphasized.

  • ⑦.JPG
    Film Capacitor
  • ⑤.JPG
    Battery Backup Power-Supply Unit
  • ④.JPG
    EV Relay
  • ⑥.JPG
    Lithium-ion Battery Cells and the Module
Sensor Solutions: Backup for Safety and Comfort

A "current sensor for car" that contributes to energy saving of in-car devices and a "high-accuracy absolute steering angle sensor with self-fault detection" essential for advanced driving control systems were exhibited. In addition, as a solution developed based on its acquired speaker technology, Panasonic introduced a "approaching vehicle audible system" that notifies pedestrians that a car is approaching.

  • ⑨.JPG
    High-Accuracy Absolute Steering Angle Sensor with Self-fault Detection
  • ⑩.JPG
    Current Sensor
  • ⑧.JPG
    Approaching Vehicle Audible System
  • ⑪.JPG
    Panasonic booth with many visitors
Human Interface Solutions: Delivering easiness and convenience

Panasonic promoted SD memory as a solution featuring high reliability, high capacity, high speed, and low power consumption that offers in-car state management and delightful in-car entertainment. In addition, the WiGig specifications that enable high-speed communication with power consumption 1/30 compared to wireless LAN was promoted as an in-car wireless solution.

  • Panasonic WiGig SD Memory Card, Copyright DigiInfo News

Besides the above, the booth exhibition also included Jisso devices that support solutions in the above three areas and "ELSEEV" EV/PHEV charging systems, demonstrating Panasonic's comprehensive strength as it contributes to EV evolution with a broad approach.

  • ⑬.JPG
    EV/PHEV Charging System: ELSEEV
  • ⑭.JPG
    Build-up PCB for Vehicles

Panasonic continues to propose its solutions for Electric Vehicles to realize a better driving experience.

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