Dec 28, 2012

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Panasonic and Ueno Zoo Broadcasts Live Stream from the Panda House!

The Giant Panda is one of the cutest and most popular animals at the zoo, but also one of the rarest, so in order to give people around the world the chance to see these adorable animals, Panasonic and Ueno Zoo are collaborating to broadcast live footage of the pandas at Ueno Zoo over the internet in the Ueno Panda Live JP project.

  • Video Report: Panda LIVE by Panasonic Advanced Network Camera

The project makes use of the new Panasonic network cameras installed in the panda house. These network cameras were originally installed to help the zookeepers observe and look after Lili and Shinshin, the giant pandas in Ueno Zoo, but in order to give people around the world the opportunity to watch and learn more about the pandas and develop and better understanding and bond with the animals, it was decided to broadcast the feed from the network cameras live over the internet via the special Ueno Panda Live JP site.

The project also aims to highlight this very interesting application of network cameras, which until now have been mainly used for security and monitoring, but are going to be used in a much wider variety of applications in the future.

At the site, you can enjoy watching the live stream of the adorable Lili and Shinshin from the network cameras installed in the panda house daily from 9:30 until 17:00 (excluding Mondays, when the zoo is closed) from both PCs and mobile devices. A total of 8 different network cameras have been installed throughout the panda house, so visitors to the site can enjoy watching the pandas from a variety of positions and angles.

These network cameras are capable of correcting the brightness of the subject image, helping to create a natural image, even in areas with a large difference in the level of illuminance. They are also equipped with a horizontal 100 degree wide angle lens which makes it possible to cover a large area with just one network camera, and the pan, tilt and zoom functions allow the camera to follow the movements of the pandas. With Panasonic's proprietary "Uniphier System LSI" technology, these network cameras will bring to you in high quality the day-to-day life of the adorable giant pandas.

The stream from the panda house is great to watch both for fun and to learn more about the habits and daily lives of pandas so be sure to check it out!

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