Nov 22, 2012

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Eco Center Opens in Guatemala

Panasonic Sales Latin America (PLAT) has opened an Eco Center in a MAX Majads store, a mass retailer of electrical home appliances in Guatemala.

In the Eco Center, environmentally friendly products and technologies available for sale in Guatemalaare displayed. By using a power bill simulator, Panasonic sales staff will work alongside customers on how to save energy and how to reduce their power bills to encourage them to purchase Panasonic's energy-saving home appliances and a solar power generation system.

  • 04_ Guatemala_ecocenter.jpg
    Displayed Many Inverter Products

The opening ceremony held on November 9, 2012 was attended by President Rodriguez of Max Majads; Hidetsugu Uji, the Regional Head of Panasonic Latin America (PLA); Mr. Hiroki Kaji, President of PLAT; and Mr. Roy Kobayakawa, Associate Director of Comprehensive Solutions Division of Eco Solutions Company.

  • 01_ Guatemala_opening.jpg
    Opening Ceremony
  • 03_ Guatemala_ecocenter.jpg
    Eco Center at Max Majads

They explained Panasonic's eco solutions business strategy and details of eco solution cooperative work with Max Majads to the Guatemalan media representatives who flocked to this opening ceremony. Then, they introduced the show-pieces displayed in the Eco Center, such as the inverter product group and power bill simulator, and the 400 square meter, 50.4 Kw, HIT solar panels fixed on the rooftop of the store.

Max Majads is the biggest locally owned and focussed mass retailer of home appliances. Panasonic has been promoting the B2B eco business focusing on solar panels with Max Majads as strategic partners, and now has set up the Eco Center based on the synergy effect for B2C business from an environmentally friendly point of view.

PLAT is planning to set up the same Eco Center in Curaçao, Dominica, and Cali, Colombia before the end of this year and in Ecuadornext year to promote B2B and B2C business focussed on environmental friendliness, in collaboration with partners.

  • 05_ Guatemala_ecocenter.jpg
    Explain How Much a Power Bill Can be Reduced by Switching to Panasonic's Energy-saving Products
  • 06_ Guatemala_max_solar.jpg
    Panasonic HIT(R) Solar Panels Installed on the Roof of Max Majads. Generated Power is Used as Power in the Store

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