Nov 01, 2012

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Panasonic and Matsushita Memorial Hospital Receive Robot Award

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    Managing Executive Officer Nomura (center) and Matsushita Memorial Hospital Director Yamane received the award and trophy. Left is Yosuke Kondo, Senior Vice Minister for the Economy, Trade and Industry

The "Life assist robot solutions business promotion," a joint initiative between Panasonic and Matsushita Memorial Hospital, was presented with the 5th Robot Award's grand prix, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award in October 17, 2012.

The Robot Award, sponsored by the Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Japan Machinery Federation, recognizes robots, parts and software from those robots that are active in the market, that have made an outstanding contribution toward market creation, for the purpose of expanding the innovation and application of Japanese robotic technology, and toward stimulating demand. This award seeks to promote the practical application of robots and robot technology, to advance research and development, develop human resources for the next generation, create service process innovation, realize new social systems based on the implementation of robots, and create new industries.

In this fifth year of the award, applications were received on 83 different themes, from which the best 10 themes were recognized, and the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award presented to the most outstanding theme of all.

Evaluated points

  • Not just the sale of the robot itself, but expansion to total system solutions, from analysis of in-hospital work processes right through to user introduction.
  • The establishment of a robot open laboratory to promote initiatives aimed at solving problems together with users.
  • As a result of initiatives aimed at operation in actual hospitals using the Matsushita Memorial Hospital as a model, the project has now expanded to include introduction of solutions in other hospitals, not only in Japan, but also overseas.
  • This project was recognized for playing a major role in realizing the implementation of robots.
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    Managing Executive Officer Nomura Accepting the Award on Behalf of Panasonic

The award ceremony was held at Tokyo Big Site on October 17, and was attended by Managing Executive Officer Tsuyoshi Nomura as Panasonic's representative, while Director Tetsuro Yamane was the representative for the Matsushita Memorial Hospital. The award and trophy were presented by Senior Vice Minister for the Economy, Trade and Industry, Mr. Yosuke Kondo.

Accepting the award on behalf of Panasonic, Mr. Nomura first expressed the company's appreciation for the award. He then spoke of the background of the project and gave his expectations for the development of the Japanese robot industry;

"In developing robots, Panasonic doesn't pursue producer-led development, but operates on the principle of 'the customer comes first,' setting our target on problems experienced by hospitals and facilities, and giving our undivided attention toward their solution. We made a proposal of a solution that included robot technology, including an Automatic In-hospital Delivery Robot, and through the actual use of that by the hospital, we were able to contribute to the improvement of staff processes, and hospital management.

"Recently, in addition to in-hospital processes, we have expanded efforts to include support for nursing homes as well as independent support, and we are currently making preparations to expand the business in Denmark, a leading nation for welfare services, as our first step toward becoming a global business. We shall continue innovating together with our customers."

The robot and robot system which received the award were displayed at Japan Robot Week held from October 17 to 19 at Tokyo Big Site, and attracted considerable attention from visitors.

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