Oct 11, 2012

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Panasonic Revives Live Solar Eclipse Broadcast Using Only Solar Power

On the morning of November 14th, 2012, the North of Australia will witness a total solar eclipse. Panasonic, using only its HIT(R) solar panels and lithium ion batteries for storage, will produce a live broadcast of this incredible and dramatic spectacle of the heavens live via USTREAM.

  • 01_EclipseLive_keyimage.jpg
    Panasonic Eclipse Live by Solar Power Project Key Image

Regular project updates are being posted to our Facebook page, and visitors to the page will also be able to see the live broadcast here.

Official Facebook page:

Official Twitter account:

In May of this year, Panasonic broadcast an annular eclipse from Mount Fuji, Japan, so this will be the second such live broadcast. This time our challenge is to produce a clear live broadcast of an even more dramatic and spectacular total solar eclipse.

Filming the Sun, Using the Sun. Join us in witnessing this incredible show of the heavens!

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    Project Logo

System Used

Power Generation HIT(R) Solar Panel VBHN235SE10×9
Power Storage Portable Power Storage CB-LS01H×30
Video Capture Full HD Camera LUMIX GH2×6
  • HIT-N235SE10_.jpg
    >HIT(R) Solar Panel
  • CB-LS01H-K.jpg
    Portable Power Storage
  • PanasonicLUMIX_GH2.jpg

Broadcasting Location

International Live Broadcast Times

  • 03_Eclipse_schedule_en.png
  • Eclipse_map_australia.jpg
    Eclipse Map around Cairns, Australia

About the Total Solar Eclipse
A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon crosses between the sun and Earth, therefore effectively concealing the whole body of the sun from view. Since the total eclipse is a phenomenon in which the sun itself can't be seen, it is actually the hot gases of the Corona, the so called "diamond ring" and the "prominence" that we can actually observe. The viewing path from which someone is able to observe a total solar eclipse in its totality is very narrow, and therefore you would be lucky to see this even once in a lifetime.

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