Oct 09, 2012

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Panasonic Asia Pacific Honoured with President's Award for the Environment

On the 28th of September 2012, Panasonic Asia Pacific was awarded the President's Award for the Environment, the highest accolade in Singapore for significant contributions to Singapore's efforts in achieving environmental sustainability.

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    Panasonic Asia's Managing Director Yorihisa Shiokawa Receives Award from Singapore President Dr. Tony Tan

This year, Panasonic is one of the only three recipients of the President's Award for the Environment. This is indeed a worthy cause for celebration!

  • Panasonic Asia Appears around 4m46s!
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    The President's Award for the Environment

Winning this prestigious award validates Panasonic's quest to become the No. 1 Green Innovation company in the electronics industry by 2018, coinciding with the company's 100th year anniversary.


In realising this vision, Panasonic has made 'environment' central to all its business activities - from leading innovations in green technology, to promoting eco-friendly products and solutions, to reducing the environmental impact of business operations.


Taking a leadership role in environmental business, Panasonic shares its green technologies and initiatives at major global trade events. The Panasonic Energy Solutions Development Centre Singapore was recently established to conduct research and development of energy solutions to be rolled out locally, regionally and globally.


At the core of its business lies a dedicated committee that spearheads environmental outreach programmes for both employees and the general public. Programmes such as the first-ever mangrove biodiversity monitoring incite environmental awareness as well as inculcate green values in Panasonic employees and their families. The Environment Champion (Schools) Industry Module (Singapore) invite youths to learn about Panasonic's green manufacturing processes such as waste metal recycling and wastewater treatment process at its 'eco ideas' model Factory, whilst the 'eco ideas' Challenge encourage them to implement environmental outreach projects in their schools/community.

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    President's Award for the Environment Award Recipients with President Dr. Tony Tan
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    Panasonic Asia Pacific Team Posing with the Certification

Such youth-oriented programmes seek to mould the next generation into environment champions of the future, setting the right foundation in encouraging them to take action towards environmental sustainability.

Join Panasonic Asia Pacific in our journey towards a greener mother Earth!

Reported by Fizzah Rahman, Contributor from Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

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