Sep 07, 2012

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Next Generation Smart Living Introduced in Indonesia and Mexico

In a world struggling with the problem of how to reduce CO2 emissions, Panasonic has put forward a number of proposals for a greener smart living for the next generation around the world. In Indonesia and Mexico, we have introduced model housing that utilizes the strengths of the Panasonic Group, applying our comprehensive solutions to efficiently manage energy in the house.

"Panasonic Future Housing" in Indonesia

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    "Rumah Masa Depan Panasonic" or Panasonic Future Housing

As a follow-up of a recent policy passed by the government in the Republic of Indonesia on electricity, water and street lighting Savings, PT Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia introduced in June its first environmentally friendly housing titled "Rumah Masa Depan Panasonic" or Panasonic Future Housing.

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Floor Plan of the House

Currently the house, consisting of two bedrooms in a two floor building of 96m2, serves as a model of Panasonic's comprehensive solutions in Indonesia and is used by Panasonic employees as a dormitory.

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    Kitchen of the House with Panasonic Household Products Including the Refrigerator for the Indonesian Market
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    One of the Bedrooms with Panasonic Air Conditioner and Air Purifier

A Comfortable Living Style without Compromising

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    President Director P.T Panasonic Gobel Indonesia Mr.Ichiro Suganuma (R) Introduces the Battery Storage System to Mr. Hanafiah of the National Standard Body Indonesia, Mr. Masayuki Tanaka President Director of Panasonic Ecology System Co, Ltd. and Mr. Triharso, Director of Ministry of Industry in Indonesia

The house utilizes one of the major renewable energy resources, sunlight, as a major source of power generation. Installed with 24sheets Panasonic 210W solar panels with a total energy generation capacity of 5kWp, the solar system of this house is able to generate up to 18.8 kWh per day, which is enough to power the electronic devices within the house. The solar system is also supported by a 24 piece storage battery system (2V2000A) so that even under rainy or cloudy conditions, stored energy can power the electricity for up to three days. These two solutions combined means the house does not produce any CO2 from the electronics used within the house.

"Indoor Air Quality" (IAO) Concept
Aside from zero CO2 emissions, the house also incorporates an important concept, Indoor Air Quality. A healthy and comfortable house means it must be free from dust, viruses, bacteria mites and other biological pollutants, and by equipping the house with good air circulation in the appropriate temperature and humidity while eliminating odors and reducing CO2 and other chemical compounds that can result in hazardous health symptoms for the occupants, Panasonic is able to provide an ideal lifestyle utilizing its technology in ventilation and air purification.

PT Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia will monitor energy management of this house and aim to spread the comprehensive solution to other houses in Indonesia in the future.

A Green House in Mexico

In Mexico, Panasonic also recognizes the objective of becoming the leader of eco-innovation for the generation. Incorporating the Japanese term 'Marugoto' or comprehensive solutions Panasonic Mexico has launched a new business model titled the "Marugoto-Eco Kit." This business model which offers environmentally friendly products put together in a package to create comprehensive solutions for an efficient energy management in living spaces, namely houses and hotels, incorporates four basic categories (power generation, energy storage, energy saving and power handling) which can be tailored according to the needs and objectives of each living space. Through this solution and a perfect integration of Panasonic's eco technologies, investors can not only get support from Panasonic experts and local integrators but also be able to set targets for generating and saving energy, thereby making it possible to contribute as a global citizen without a heavy load on the wallet.

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    Mr. Goichi Tanaka of Panasonic Mexico Stands Beside the Panasonic HIT Solar Panels
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    The Four Member Reynaga Family, Inhabitants of the House

As a pilot project, Panasonic Mexico financed by the Japanese Government, through the Ministry of Environment has equipped the Reynaga family, a four member household in Mexicali Baja California North, Mexico, with the Marugoto-Eco Kit consisting of 14 Panasonic HITⓇ solar panels, 20 compact fluorescent energy-saving lamps, energy saving appliances such as two air conditioners, an LCD TV and an inverter refrigerator, and a monitoring and control system that immediately accesses information, reviews progress and makes necessary changes to the energy usage within the household.

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    Visitors Look at the Smart Electricity Monitoring System
  • 10-201208Marugoto.JPG
    Mr. Tanaka Explains the Energy Efficient Inverter Refrigerator
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    An Eco-friendly Panasonic Air Conditioner is also a Feature of the House
  • 12-201208Marugoto.JPG
    The Combination of the Air Conditioner and Ceiling Fan Saves Energy in the Bedroom

This 'Casa Verde' or Green Home has achieved two objectives set, first it has significantly reduced power consumption by up to 50% and second it has generated significant energy from the solar panels to be reflected in the electricity bill, dropping them from the classification of "high consumption" to a family to receive a federal subsidy from the Federal Electricity Commission in Mexico.

  • See what the Reynaga family have to say about their new 'Casa Verde' or Green Home. (Spanish Only)

Reported by Cathy from Panasonic News Portal

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