Aug 13, 2012

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Panasonic Center Beijing Certified as Green Lighting Education Center in China

The Panasonic Center Beijing was recently awarded the first certification by the China Energy Conservation Association (CECA) as a Chinese Green Lighting Education Center, with a plaque presentation ceremony held on July 30, 2012 at the center in Bejiing. Among twenty companies selected as model centers under this first round of certifications, Panasonic is the only foreign corporation to receive this certification, making it a special honor.

  • 01-PCenterBeijingGreen.jpg
    The Plaque Presentation Ceremony Held on July 30, 2012

The Chinese Green Lighting Education Centers are one part of the efforts of a project in China to gradually eliminate incandescent light bulbs and encourage the spread of energy-saving light bulbs. This project was started under the joint advocacy of the National Development and Reform Commission, the United Nations Development Programme and the Global Environmental Facility with the aim of coping with global climate change and meeting the worldwide trend toward energy conservation.

Chinese Green Lighting Education Centers will spread knowledge on energy-saving lighting through exhibits, interactive demonstrations and platforms to stimulate the adoption of high-efficiency lighting products, thus promoting energy conservation and CO2 reduction with the participation of all Chinese citizens.

The Panasonic Center Beijing will function as a Chinese Green Lighting Education Center to showcase the effectiveness of lights such as spiral self-ballasting fluorescent lights, e-hf fluorescent lights, and new classic-style LED lights, along with panel displays and actual products to generate interest in hybrid lighting controls, comfortable lighting spaces (Feu) and EVERLEDs. The display corner will also be remodeled to promote a better understanding of Panasonic's LED comprehensive solutions for visitors.

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