Jun 15, 2012

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Break a World Record with Your Eyes and Mouth? Panasonic's Sports Game App "THE WORLD FACE GAME"

"THE WORLD FACE GAME", a game application for the iPhone and iPod Touch which was developed by Panasonic Corporation won the Best Application Award of the 11th Mobile Advertisement Awards in Japan.

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This game app utilizes the front camera of the iPhone/iPod Touch and its motion sensing system to catch the motion of your eyes and mouth. With every movement of your face, you can move the athlete on the screen to challenge various track and field games such as the 100M sprint or long jump. Challenge your best record which is saved under "Personal Record" or better yet challenge yourself to rank among the top by breaking the "World Record" (ranked by the best records of players around the world).

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    Motion Sensing System to Catch the Motion of Your Eyes and Mouth
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    Your Record is Saved under "Personal Record"
  • 06_facegame.jpg
    Available to Save Your Playing Face

After the game, you can also share your results and the photo of you "in action" via Facebook and/or Twitter. Challenge one of the most watched track and field games with just parts of your face and set world records in the process! And don't forget to share your records and challenge your friends and family to higher scores.

Game Details

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    100M SPRINT (Eyes)
    The faster you blink, the faster the runner runs
  • 02_facegame.jpg
    LONG JUMP (Mouth)
    Open and close your mouth rapidly to make your character jump farther
  • 03_facegame.jpg
    HAMMER THROW (Finger)
    Tap the button on the screen rapidly to throw the hammer as far as possible

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