Apr 16, 2012

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Panasonic to Expand LED Lighting Business in Europe

Panasonic will launch a 40W equivalent clear LED lamp into the European consumer market from July 2012, which will mark the beginning of its full-scale entry into the European LED lamp market.

Panasonic is currently participating in Light+Building 2012, the world's largest trade fair for lighting and intelligent buildings held April 15-20, 2012, in Frankfurt, Germany, showcasing various LED lamps, LED lighting devices, OLED lighting devices and much more at its booth.

See the news flash by our Panasonic reporter at the fair ground.

  • Flash Video Report from Panasonic Booth at Lighting + Building 2012, by Alexis Fernandez, Manager of Lighting Business in Panasonic Consumer Marketing Europe

In Europe, where environment is high on the agenda, incandescent light bulbs are being phased out, which is expected to accelerate the shift to energy-efficient LED lighting in the future. Panasonic introduced a 20W equivalent LED Clear Type in some European countries last year, which is designed to replicate a traditional clear incandescent light bulb in size, shape, position of light source, color of light, brightness and distribution of luminous intensity. Panasonic's original light diffusion and heat radiation technologies enable it to deliver a light quality similar to that of a clear incandescent light bulb. The bulb has won acclaim and awards, including coveted international design awards in Germany.

  • 03_LB_awards.jpg
    Award winning product: LED lamp Clear Type 20W type
    For Japanese market:LDA4L/C For overseas market:LDAHV4L27CG
  • 00_LB_clear.jpg
    40W equivalent LED lamp Clear Type (For European market: LDAHV6L27CGE)

A new LED bulb with brightness equivalent to a 40 W incandescent light bulb will be added to the lineup of the popular LED lamp Clear Type. As these bulbs are very similar to a traditional clear type light bulb in shape, people will feel comfortable replacing existing light sources with the new technology in their homes.

By leveraging the latest industry-leading LED lighting technology fostered through product development for the Japanese market, Panasonic plans to significantly expand the lineup of LED lamps for the European market, thereby contributing to energy saving in Europe.

  • 01_LB_OLEDs.jpg
    LED Lighting Modules
  • 02_LB_OLEDmodule.jpg
    Organic LED Lighting Module

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