Jul 01, 2023

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Yoky Matsuoka, Managing Executive Officer, Panasonic Holdings Corporation Delivers Keynote Speech at IEEE ISCAS 2023 in Monterey, CA USA

“For Humans, By Humans, With Humans” an approach to Responsible AI

Monterey, CA, U.S. – On May 22, 2023 Yoky Matsuoka, Managing Executive Officer, Panasonic Holding Corp. delivered the keynote speech at IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), the flagship conference of the IEEE Circuits and Systems (CAS) in Monterey, CA in the United States.

IEEE ISCAS brings together the world’s leading researchers in the active fields of theory, design and implementation of circuits and systems. The theme of ISCAS 2023 was driven by “Technology Disruption and Society” emphasizing the potential of the CAS Society to find innovative solutions to challenges facing society today.

As a world renowned leader in AI, robotics, and neuroscience, Yoky Matsuoka was invited to deliver the keynote speech on the topic of Responsible AI. In her talk, “Not a Science Project,” Matsuoka dove deep into sharing her unique approach to human centered design and the importance of prioritizing customer needs over interesting technology. She shared her learnings from her time spent in academia, to leading innovation initiatives for global tech giants in Silicon Valley, to eventually building one of the first “connected home” consumer products in the US, cementing her mindset around consumer product development.

“My approach is not to put the latest technology in consumer products. It is to deeply understand consumer needs, pain points, and challenges. If advanced technology can help people, then we use it, not the other way around,” stated Matsuoka who reinforced Panasonic’s position and commitment to Responsible AI, “I see ‘the masses’ being used as a science project when it comes to advanced technology. It is unclear how AI will help or harm society. At Panasonic we are taking a different approach. We are making a commitment to use AI as a means to help people.”

As a company that provides technology intimately integrated into people’s lives in our modern society where AI is advancing at the fastest speed, Panasonic is committed to making people feel safe by educating and protecting consumers while providing the best solutions. Matsuoka calls her approach to Responsible AI “For Humans, By Humans, With Humans.”

  • For Humans – Always put consumers first. Check on the actual effect for people and the collateral damages by technology.
  • By Humans – Humans remain in control and in the loop. AI used to make humans “superhumans”
  • With Humans – Hire, train, and nurture ethical and responsible people. Protect human wellbeing and community.

Panasonic Group has a primary purpose in our rapidly changing world: to advance the progress and development of society and the well-being of people through our business activities, thereby enhancing the quality of life throughout the world. To make this vision a reality, Panasonic has formulated Al Ethics Principles to serve as an ethical guideline for the use and application of Al technologies. On July 1, 2023 Matsuoka was appointed to lead PanasonicWELL, a new division of Panasonic Group created to enable the health and wellness of modern families, homes, work, and the environment globally. This new division will use AI and advanced technology to build a future to help people live healthier and happier lives everyday. 

Photo: Yoky Matsuoka delivering the keynote speech at IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS)

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