Mar 12, 2021

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February 2021 TOP 5 Engagement

Have you missed any popular Panasonic news? Here are the TOP 5 most engaged posts for February 2021.

No.1 - From Japan

Panasonic Develops VIXELL™ - A Vacuum-insulated Cooling Box for -70ºC Storage
- Posted on February 19, 2021

We have developed VIXELL™, a vacuum-insulated box that can store items in a -70ºC environment for up to 18 days to enable transportation of vaccines and medical supplies while maintaining required strict temperature control.

Video - VIXELL™ - A Vacuum-insulated Cooling Box for -70ºC Storage -:

No.2 - From Germany

Meet the IOC Young Leaders - Paulina Fritz from Germany
- Posted on February 8, 2021

Through her internship at Panasonic, IOC Young Leader Paulina Fritz was inspired to combine her passion for sports and social development. Hear her speak on her experience!

Video - Our shared Passion - Paulina Fritz from Germany -:

No.3 - From India

Meet the IOC Young Leaders - Lakshman Rohith Maradapa from India
- Posted on February 1, 2021

Meet the IOC Young Leaders - Lakshman Rohith Maradapa from India

Mentors play a big role in indomitable spirit! From his own experiences in rowing, Lakshman Rohith Maradapa teaches the importance of having a dream through mentorship.


No.4 - Worldwide

The IOC Young Leaders Programme
- Posted on February 5, 2021

As the IOC Young Leaders Program grows, we welcome 25 new Young Leaders this month who will change their own communities through sports!

Video - IOC Young Leaders IMPACT Panasonic -:

No.5 - Worldwide

Meet the IOC Young Leaders
- Posted on February 17, 2021

Meet the IOC Young Leaders

In partnership with Panasonic, the IOC Young Leaders program engages and empowers young people to make the world better through sports. Meet some of our inspirational young leaders and learn about the grassroots sports projects they are creating in their communities.


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February 2021 TOP 5 Engagement

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