Feb 29, 2024

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Panasonic PR People Vlog #1: Day in the Life of a PR Worker

This video follows a typical workday for Ren. In the morning, Ren did an online interview with overseas colleagues from home, and then headed to the office. At the PR department’s weekly meeting, PR projects and events for the entire group were shared among employees. At lunch, employees threw a farewell party for one of Ren’s PR colleagues. After that, Ren went to Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town to conduct an interview with overseas media. 

What does the Japanese word “Furiado” mean? What is the most important PR theme for Panasonic right now? Do Panasonic office workers have a work-life balance? Let’s find the answers together in the video.

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Photo: Ren Jie

Ren Jie

I am from Inner Mongolia. In 2014, I came to Japan for graduate school to study a media-related field. I have been working in the Corporate PR Center and in charge of global PR communications since joining Panasonic in 2017. In my private life, I enjoy photography and cooking. 

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