Applying the Founder’s Wisdom at Work in North America: My Favorite Founder’s Words Campaign #3

May 29, 2023

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Applying the Founder’s Wisdom at Work in North America: My Favorite Founder’s Words Campaign #3

Panasonic launched the third round of the “My Favorite Founder’s Words Campaign” on Instagram, which aims to share Panasonic founder Matsushita Konosuke’s Words of Wisdom with the next generation. This time, 15 employees from Panasonic North America (PNA) participated and shared their favorite founder’s quotes as well as personal stories explaining how those words have inspired and resonated with them.

Supporting customers with our founder’s Basic Business Philosophy

At PNA, employees are committed to conducting business guided by the Basic Management Objectives, Company Creed and Seven Principles, and also the Basic Business Philosophy, which was put forth in 1933 by Konosuke Matsushita and which has since been updated significantly by CEO Yuki Kusumi. From their first day with company, employees at PNA are provided with information and dedicated training to familiarize themselves with these principles and the philosophy behind them. The idea is that they serve as a day-to-day guidepost for showing how to manage, innovate, and support our customers and society.

PNA has also established a region-wide peer-to-peer reward and recognition program that awards individuals and teams for embodying the Seven Principles in their work. Most recently, the company hosted the “Start Anew Every Day” exhibition inside PNA headquarters that brought hundreds of employees together to explore the ways Konosuke Matsushita lived his management philosophies while pursuing unfinished work in an imperfect world.

For this social media campaign, 15 Panasonic employees from North America shared their personal episodes related to the founder’s wisdom and we are happy to introduce some of those stories below.

#1: A Mind for Success

“Every organization has its good and bad points, and no organization is without faults. Say, for example, you enter a company and find faults in it. Do you conclude that the company is totally bad? Or do you recognize it has a bad point, but make an effort to rectify or improve it with enthusiasm? These attitudes can be decisively different. With the latter mindset, trying to make the company better, will earn you the trust and confidence of others. Looking at things positively can contain the seeds of success.”

My Story:
The quote “A Mind for Success” resonates with me the most, because enthusiasm and positivity is a huge part of my work philosophy. As a marketing manager, I am constantly looking for ways to optimize marketing efforts and programs set up to help support the business. I do it in collaboration with my fellow co-workers to build confidence in the work that we do. A smile and positive attitude are always needed to succeed in the face of adversity.

— By Aida Cubano, Mobility Marketing Manager, Panasonic Connect North America

#2: Flexible Thinking

“Being adaptable and flexible, in theory, should not be difficult. Actually, it’s quite simple. Let’s say you’re walking along a road and suddenly a huge rock appears, blocking your path. What would you do? One way is to climb over it. But if that seems impossible, you can go around it. That’s what adaptability and flexibility are all about. There are times when you can’t go around it. Then you think of some other way. An important thing is to think flexibly without allowing your feelings to get in your way. That’s one of the traits you need to acquire for success in life.”

My Story:
This quote holds true in both business and in personal life. We do not have control over the obstacles we face however what we can control is how we approach solving them. Furthermore, one should certainly approach such obstacles free from emotional attachment in order to choose the wisest approach.

— By Jeff Katz, Sr. Product Manager, Panasonic Industrial Devices 

#3: As if it were a life long job

“A familiar Japanese expression that goes, ‘a three-day chore,’ means even if the job only requires three days, you tackle it as sincerely as if it were a life-long occupation. By so doing, you will surely gain joy and precious experience. If you can look at things that way, you can enjoy any situation and stay calm. Some people might say, ‘I will do my best when I land a good job.’ But I believe that if you can’t focus on your present job, you won’t be able to fulfill any kind of job. The circumstances and contents of your job will change, and be changed, irrespective of your own will.”

My Story:
This quote deeply resonates with me. I find joy and fulfillment in knowing that my work at Panasonic is more than a job. What I do here every day has a positive impact in the day-to-day of my team members, our production, our family, our community and our environment. Our work at PENA is life changing for us and for future generations. Having a purpose is the Northstar for what I do in or outside of work.

— By Adriana Anderson, Workplace Coordinator, Panasonic Energy of North America

#4: Willingness to Learn

“In the past, few institutions existed, even if you are eager to learn something. Yet, many people managed to overcome difficulties and create wondrous things. One such person was Thomas Edison. Without requiring anyone to supervise him, he observed things from various perspectives and found guidance on his own. It used to be said that ‘Look at things carefully, and all will be your guide.’ But now times have changed, and opportunities for learning are readily available. The rest depends more on the individual’s willingness to learn.”

My Story:
This quote by Konosuke Matsushita resonates with me because it reminds me of how lucky we are to live in this era where we can easily access unlimited learning resources online. Regardless of age or profession, I truly believe that no one should ever quit learning. No matter if it’s a functional skill or a trivial fun fact, I always get a sense of joy and accomplishment when I acquire a new piece of information. Aside from work, I will continue to encourage myself to keep learning something new this year—whether it’s a new program or a cooking recipe, I will be happy to take on the challenge.

— By Wendy Wu, Sr. Marketing Specialist, Panasonic Connect US

#5: Free Your Mind

“As a leader, it is vitally important to be able to modify your way of thinking. While nearly everyone may realize this, it’s easier said than done. On the contrary, oftentimes our views become narrower. It is, therefore, essential to unshackle your mind and broaden your horizon. If you have seen something from the front, try looking at it from behind, or vice versa. Try practicing this kind of mental training at every opportunity and be ready to modify your way of thinking.”

My Story:
This quote resonates with me because it focuses on being open-minded and flexible in your thinking. By doing so it can help you to see new opportunities, respond to challenges, and find innovative solutions to problems. When you have a static way of looking at things, it can limit your ability to see those opportunities, respond to changing conditions, or collaborate effectively with others. Being flexible means being willing to consider different viewpoints and approaches, and being open to new ideas and experiences. This can help you to make better decisions, understand and connect with others better, and in turn help to drive progress and growth both professionally and personally.

— By Richard Power, Mobility Technical Support & Service, Panasonic Canada Inc.

“At Panasonic, the reason we always strive to start afresh each day is based on the belief in our management principles that follow the laws of nature. The principle of birth, growth, development and transformation is one of the abiding truths of business.” — Konosuke Matsushita, The Heart of Management

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