Applying the Founder’s Wisdom at Work in Panasonic Europe: My Favorite Founder’s Words Campaign #2

Nov 28, 2022

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Applying the Founder’s Wisdom at Work in Panasonic Europe: My Favorite Founder’s Words Campaign #2

Key Summary

  • Panasonic employees from the EU region participated in the second round of “My Favorite Founder’s Words” social media campaign

  • Panasonic Europe is promoting various initiatives to integrate the Founder’s business values into the everyday work lives of employees

  • EU region employees shared their stories on Potential, Leadership, Persistence, Appreciation, and Youth

Panasonic launched a second round of the “My Favorite Founder’s Words Campaign” on Instagram. The goal is to share the Panasonic founder, Konosuke Matsushita’s Words of Wisdom with the next generation. This time, 9 employees from the EU region participated and shared their favorite Konosuke Matsushita quotes and their personal stories on how those words have inspired and resonated with them.

Stories from Europe – Potential, Leadership, Persistence, Appreciation, and Youth

Panasonic has always strived to adhere to the Basic Business Philosophy (BBP) management philosophy established by our founder Konosuke Matsushita. At Panasonic Europe (PE), since June 2017, the BBP has been integrated into new employee onboarding and into annual training for volunteer employees to acquire the relevant knowledge and skills to share the philosophy widely in their organizations.

The PE Talent Team have engaged with several multicultural experts to deliver one-off BBP sessions where Panasonic employees join as BBP Ambassadors to share how they have brought the BBP to life in their everyday work, and have also integrated BBP modules into the leadership programs. The new hot desking office in Bracknell shares our Founder’s business values on the walls and the PE intranet has a dedicated area highlighted on the top navigation toolbar which shares video and written content about the BBP.

Nine Panasonic employees from the EU region shared their personal episodes related to the founder’s wisdom for this campaign and we are happy to introduce some of those stories below.

#1: Potential

  • By Nataliia Tomilova, Product Manager – Headphones, Panasonic Consumer Europe
  • Quote: “Every human being is akin to a diamond in the rough. It is a quality to be polished into a sparkle.”
  • My Story:

This quote by Konosuke Matsushita resonates with me the most because it focuses on the intrinsic value of every human being and the role of discipline and motivation in the journey to better oneself. It also reminds us to treat others with kindness and patience to help them reach their potential—in other words, to become shining diamonds. The quote makes me think about the word “polish”: If too much force is used at once, the diamond can shatter, yet if you polish gently and patiently, it will shine beautifully. So is the case with individuals.

#2: Leadership

  • By Lina Taha, Digital & Communication Manager, Panasonic Heating & Ventilation Air-conditioning Europe 
  • Quote: “You might be able to motivate 100 employees with overbearing orders. But for 1,000, you have got to ask them earnestly. And to motivate as many as 10,000, you’ve got to be humble and be of a prayerful spirit.”
  • My Story:

This quote by Konosuke Matsushita resonates with me because I have experienced this kind of situation. When I joined Panasonic as an intern, we were a team of less than 40 in our division. At that time, it was easy to convince and motivate our group. However, the team grew quickly as new members were recruited. Four years later, we are approximately 120 people, and it has become much harder to motivate people. Konosuke Matsushita reminds us that we need to be respectful, and the leadership team are beginning to show that they believe in all employees. I can already see this change working, so I can imagine how to apply this to the whole organization.

#3: Persistence

  • By Sebastian Wegielski, Senior Manager Marketing TV Europe, Panasonic Consumer Europe
  • Quotes: “When you fall, you have to stand up. Even babies won’t stay down after falling. They’ll stand up right away.”
  • My Story:

This is my absolute favorite quote from Konosuke Matsushita. In day-to-day work, I face many challenges which are more demanding than standard business issues. It’s very tempting to simply give up when something is not working, but it is important to keep your head up and keep trying. This quote inspires me to dust myself off quickly after any disappointments and take back control, rather than wait a long time in self-pity.

#4: Appreciation

  • By Nina Hepke, IT Consultant Organisational Planning, Governance & Communication, Panasonic Information Systems Company Europe
  • Quotes: “Everyone is familiar with paper. Some people, however, seem to treasure every sheet. Others treat paper with less respect, since it always seems available anywhere. Which attitude is more constructive? Reflecting on this question, one thing that occurred to me is that our feelings about small things in everyday life, even seemingly insignificant things, can be a very critical subject, with our very lives affected by our judgment. For a casual attitude toward objects can also extend to human beings. Perhaps it pays to appreciate everything. For this can foster in us a mental attitude of appreciation toward everyone.”
  • My Story:

This quote fits very well with the way I try to go through both my professional and personal life. Often, we all have big goals and sometimes forget the little things that, in my view, make life really worth living. A good conversation with a colleague, finalizing a task I’ve been working on for a while, or a particularly productive meeting makes a good day at work for me. The people I work with or who are otherwise part of my social environment enrich me all the time in my everyday life, without them being particularly “important” moments. The general togetherness is what counts and what I value very much. Especially after experiencing long months without a lot of face-to-face interaction during the pandemic. Being able to appreciate everyday moments and cherishing the people around me, is an attitude that therefore enriches my life and makes me feel a lot happier.

#5: Youth

  • By Pascal Jean, Corporate Communications, Panasonic Europe
  • Quotes: “It’s not age that determines youthfulness, but rather an attitude or way of thinking that keeps you constantly in search of something new in your daily life or job. It’s those attributes that make you young. Even if you are 100 years old, the essence of youth won’t be lost as long as you keep seeking out something new.”
  • My Story:

This sentence resonates with me because staying young allows you to understand what the world will be like tomorrow. The knowledge of the elders is certainly important. However, it is necessary to listen to the youth because they will be the world of tomorrow. To remain young is to see things differently with a candid eye. Every day is a new day. It is a constant process of learning and discovery. It is the learning period of life. But in fact, life is simply an eternal school. The one who never stops learning keeps all his youth until his last days. This is what I personally try to do—to learn but also to pass on.

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